Thursday, May 31, 2018

Concert Report: Sirius/XM BASSment (New York City)

Ever since I was invited to the grand opening party for satellite radio provider Sirius/XM's "Studio 54 Radio" back in 2011 (Link), I've received invitations from them to several other opening events! So when I found an email from them to attend the opening for their new live show BPM BASSment, I had to find a way to attend. So thanks to frequent flyer miles, I found myself on Wednesday afternoon inside Sirius/XM Studios in downtown Manhattan, New York City for their show with initial guest DJ Afrojack.
Located up on the 36th floor of a high rise on Avenue of the Americas, check-in was occurring for invited guests and contest winners.
And right off their lobby, they have a glassed-in sound studio.

And when I peered inside, there he was: DJ Afrojack (NL)

Inside, the sound canopy over the room.
Their new live show "BPM BASSment" was introduced by radio personality Geronimo who spent about 10 minutes chatting with Afrojack before allowing the music to take over. We learned that Afrojack's DJ name, his real name is Nick van de Wall, came from his friends calling him "Afro" in high school because of his hairstyle and he added "Jack" from the classic House song "My House (House That Jack Built)". And he would open with that song!
And for the next 50 minutes he would go through a variety of fast-paced songs that included Darude (FIN) "Sandstorm", Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (B) "Mammoth vs Beef" and Daft Punk (F) classic "Around The World".
Most of his selections had vocals and it was heavily EDM with a small amount of Bass and Trap.
There was about 50 of us in the soundstage and we were encouraged to whoop it up because we were live on the air!
In the 2018 DJMag readers poll, Afrojack was ranked No. 8 in the world!
Taking pictures of us taking pictures of him!
Ending with his own hit "Can't Stop Me" ft. Shermanology (NL).
A good time was had by all!
I came and went so fast, I had to take some pictures just to prove to myself later that I was actually there!
For those wanting to know my intra-city travel arrangements, I flew into New York - JFK and took the JFK AirTrain from my terminal to Jamaica station.  There I picked up the Long Island Rail Road into Penn Station. The Subway E Train is also an option into Manhattan from Jamaica.
Travel between Penn Station and Sirius/XM Studios was via the Subway 1 train.
My flight home was from New York-Newark so that entailed NJTransit from Penn Station to Newark Airport station, connecting to the Newark AirTrain to my terminal.
Big thanks to Sirius/XM for the hook-up to attend this awesome show!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

This Weekend In Techno Town

If you can find the secret elevator or even the secret stairs, you can make your way to some of the best House music in Orlando at Monkey Bar.  Hint: It's in Wall Street Plaza.  And it's free!  House.
Lot of people excited about this one at Gilt Nightclub this Saturday night as Ducky comes to town!  Heavy Bass/Hardstyle.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

DS Update: Disneystyle Has Opened

The DisneyStyle store has opened in Disney Springs West Side. It carries "fashion-forward" merchandise "that's perfect for that next selfie in a Disney park" per the Disney Parks Blog.
It's located just west of the No. 5 Bridge from Pleasure Island, in the spot where Orlando Harley-Davidson recently vacated, Little Missmatched before that and if I recall correctly, Planet Hollywood On Location prior to that.  From what I could tell, this is trendy stuff you won't find at World of Disney and will be a welcome addition to the West Side.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Club Reports: Elixir, Eve Nightclub, Independent Bar, The Patio

It's not often that I get out on a Sunday night but with Monday being a holiday in the USA, it was a good opportunity to see what's up.  And hearing some addictive House music drifting onto Washington Street from the patio at Elixir, it became my first stop.
I didn't know the DJ but the music was top notch. From this same booth we've seen some great DJ's playing this past year such as Chris Lake (GB), Oscar G (USA) and Sonny Fodera (AUS)!
Just not a lot of people here last night!
And then promptly at 11:45PM he shut down the music, turned off the lights and walked away!
A pre-recorded House track was playing inside but it just wasn't the same. I put down my drink and left.  I'm sure it will be better when Prok & Fitch (GB) play here on June 8th and Kyle Watson (ZA) on June 22nd.
Downtown didn't want for people last night. This was the line at The Social.
The line for Aero Bar.
And two long lines for "Barrio Sundays" at The Beacham!
Now on to Eve Nightclub.
It's been a long time since we've seen DJ Freefall (USA) playing so didn't want to miss that!
The music Top 40/Open Format.
Spotted backstage: DJ Ray Love (USA) working on his upcoming set.
Just a few people here too at this early hour.
By now you know if it's at all possible on a Saturday Sunday night, I'm going to try to drop by Independent Bar!
The early crowd was beginning to occupy the dance floor!
DJ Stefan (USA) doing the early shift just like back in the day, mixing up 80's New Wave with Synthpop, EBM, Darkwave and other Industrial genres!
The floor here filled quickly!
Spotted on the dance platform: Tracy
Always fun times at I-Bar!
The Blog has independently verified that "there's always a party" at The Patio on Friday and Saturday nights. But always means always so we dropped by to see if this claim would hold true on a Sunday night too!
DJ Cliff T (USA) joined resident DJ Parry (USA) to provide the music.
There was definitely a crowd in here!
They were loud and whooping it up!
Parry playing The Patio format of Top 40 & Hip Hop hits while Cliff T was playing his Aero Bar format of Classic Dance hits!
Well, I guess it's true. There really is always a party at The Patio!  A good time was had by all!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Club Report: MegaCon Afterparty (Club 3Nine)

After last year's move to a ballroom inside the Rosen Plaza Hotel, the Megacon Afterparty returned to its traditional home at club 3Nine!
Held in conjunction with the massive Megacon event at the nearby Orange County Convention Center, the line to get inside at 10PM stretched around the building and as far as the eye could see!
The MC's from Moshi Moshi Productions were getting the crowd revved-up when I finally got inside!
DJ Elliot (USA) on the boards providing the tunes; a great mix of Top 40, EDM and Mash-ups!
The event was advertised as a PJ party but I didn't see too many pajamas, lol.  It was much more on the superhero/cartoon character side in keeping with the Megacon event itself!
Even this early, the club was packed!
3Nine has this awesome color-changing light ceiling!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Or topless girls with hand-painted costumes!
Of course we know DJ Elliot from so many different venues and roles at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disneyland Paris!
Male strippers for the Ladies in the crowd!
But damn, even I was disappointed when they didn't take off their pants!
Spotted on the dance floor: Jack & Shawna Lyn
Spotted by the stairs: Jim & Art
Taking over the controls around 12:30AM, DJ Evolv3 (USA).
Playing a lot of Hip Hop classics, he kept the dance floor bouncing!
The crowd started coming up onto the stage!
And the place became pure bedlam!
Costume contest was rather low-key this year.
Of course we know DJ Evolv3 best from the sorely-missed Service Industry Nights at House of Blues in Downtown Disney!
You can never go wrong......
Like I said!
Cute tail!
Art & Shawna Lyn going Star Wars on us!
"It ees balloon!"
It was my impression that there were fewer costumes this year; perhaps just fewer elaborate ones. True or not, it didn't matter because the crowd was here to party!
 1:30AM and no one was leaving!
The 9th Annual Megacon Afterparty was awesome!  A good time was had by all!