Saturday, March 31, 2018

PI Update: Disney Springs Late Night Update

Let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island. Checking out the new Late Night at Disney Springs party taking place on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights! (And I don't know why construction walls are back up on the bridge.)
 DJ Michael Wycoff (USA) on the decks leading the party now on all 3 nights each weekend!

While not as crowded as what we saw last visit on St. Patrick's Day, there was still a large contingent on hand!
The Top 40 music is drawing a crowd each night. I understand the event was to run through Easter and then was extended through April and has now been extended through August (and likely at least through Labor Day weekend).
The party begins at 10PM each night operates until 2AM. With Spring Break now ending, they're cutting it back to 1AM beginning next weekend.
Awesome.....lots of EDM last night!
This was supposed to be an adult dance party but a surprising number of kids were out at midnight. Come on moms and dads, put your kids to bed!
Over at Morimoto Mannequins Dance Palace, DJ Mynd (USA) playing Deep House and Chill/Ambient.
Decent little crowd having some cold ones inside the Forbidden Lounge.
And a surprising number of diners downstairs at this late hour. Little do they know that under that faux-floor lies a retired revolving dance floor!
Over in The Edison Orlando, DJ Frank Rock (USA) providing the musical mix for the night.
The burlesque portion of the revolving program taking place when I got there. Each hour you get 5 minutes of burlesque, 5 minutes of an aerialist, 25 minutes of a live band set and 25 minutes of a DJ set.
Dancers during the DJ set. A lot of tables were occupied down there but no where near as crowded as during my first visit shortly after The Edison opened.
And a good time was had by all.


DJMadManRay said...

Yes, looks like a bunch of kids. Well, it's still Spring Break. Maybe less kids in time, although I remember in the later years when they ungated the Island, seeing kids regularly at 2am when we were leaving Mannequins. Being Disney, we'll probably always see the kids..

Anonymous said...

Walls up because bridge is being painted.

Angel's Touch Lawn, Landscaping said...

We all had a great time as old pleasure island kids and look forward to many many more get togethers! Night life has come back to disney springs island ����

Anonymous said...