Sunday, March 18, 2018

Club Report: Late Night Disney Springs

Even though it's been nearly 10 years since the clubs closed on Pleasure Island, I was able to put the car on auto-pilot and it remembered how to get here on a Saturday night!
Whoa!  Arriving around midnight, this is what I walked into!
DJ's Luis Melara (USA) & Michael Wycoff (USA) at Waterview Stage!
The new adult DJ dance party at Disney Springs!
Taking place every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night!  It runs from 10PM all the way up until 2AM.
With Spring Break 2018 in full-session, it was mostly a college crowd!
The music mostly Top 40 played as fast-paced snippets!
Including a lot of Hip Hop classics from back when Hip Hop was good, lol!
Originally running through the end of March, we're told this new dance party has now been extended through April and will be continued on a month-by-month basis if it stays popular!
Just a little bit of EDM such as DJ Snake (F) Dillon Francis (USA) hit "Get Low"!
First time Luis & Michael have played together but their fun bantering back and forth made it seem like they've been working with each other for years!
What goes around, comes around!  Partying has returned to the Island!
When the St. Patrick's Day party ended at 1AM over at Raglan Road, many of their green revelers migrated over to the Waterview Stage and joined the fun!
You can never go wrong with.....boys in green!
As 2AM approached, this is what it still looked like! Ending with some Chainsmokers (USA).
Great job, guys!
Adult nightlife has returned to Pleasure Island.  A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

NOW wait! WHAT? they was selling drinks? did Disney say they wanted family friendly stuff? HOW is this that?

IN the end IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Disney could care less about you.

I WILL not support anyplace who said to me in short terms you do not want you here. you close the clubs then later have a street party to make MONEY. NOPE!
greedy!!!! I sure HOPE other PI people didnt OR will not go!

Anonymous said...

How much of that was collage program kids?
Give it about 4 months and they will decide it's to much trouble and it's bringing the wrong crowd in and shut it down.

KingBob said...

Anon at 12:09PM: Disney is a for-profit business that has a duty to its stockholders to maximize profits. In 2008 they felt they could use the space differently to maximize profits and so they tried. Their choice was ill-advised at the time and it took them 8 years to develop something different which is shopping and restaurants. It is now 2018 and they are trying to capture additional revenue in the late-night hours after the shops and restaurants have closed. Why? Again, to maximize profits. Your choice to not be a customer is certainly yours to make.

Anon at 3:49PM: None of them looked like college program kids; they looked to be spring breakers to me. No way to really know without asking. Yes, any "free" event runs the risk of drawing the wrong crowd and they need to be careful about that. There were many watchful from a distance) eyes last night.

Anonymous said...

A large part of keeping the “wrong crowd” away has to do with the type of music played. As the resident DJ for these nights(I am DJ Michael Wycoff). It’s both my responsibility and pleasure to create an experience that is fun, profitable for disney and also family friendly. I do it through music programming that keeps the party moving but isn’t desirable for the more “unsavory” types.

KingBob said...

Michael, nice to hear from you. You both did a great job this past Saturday night and to see so many people having so much fun on "Pleasure Island" again brought a huge smile to my face since PI was my home too for fun back in the day.

There will be a contingent of former Pleasure Islanders there this Saturday night for a PI Reunion which has been relocated from Atlantic Dance Hall to the Waterview Stage. I will sadly miss it since I'm covering some events in Miami this weekend but I shall return. Hopefully another huge crowd!