Saturday, March 31, 2018

PI Update: Disney Springs Late Night Update

Let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island. Checking out the new Late Night at Disney Springs party taking place on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights! (And I don't know why construction walls are back up on the bridge.)
 DJ Michael Wycoff (USA) on the decks leading the party now on all 3 nights each weekend!

While not as crowded as what we saw last visit on St. Patrick's Day, there was still a large contingent on hand!
The Top 40 music is drawing a crowd each night. I understand the event was to run through Easter and then was extended through April and has now been extended through August (and likely at least through Labor Day weekend).
The party begins at 10PM each night operates until 2AM. With Spring Break now ending, they're cutting it back to 1AM beginning next weekend.
Awesome.....lots of EDM last night!
This was supposed to be an adult dance party but a surprising number of kids were out at midnight. Come on moms and dads, put your kids to bed!
Over at Morimoto Mannequins Dance Palace, DJ Mynd (USA) playing Deep House and Chill/Ambient.
Decent little crowd having some cold ones inside the Forbidden Lounge.
And a surprising number of diners downstairs at this late hour. Little do they know that under that faux-floor lies a retired revolving dance floor!
Over in The Edison Orlando, DJ Frank Rock (USA) providing the musical mix for the night.
The burlesque portion of the revolving program taking place when I got there. Each hour you get 5 minutes of burlesque, 5 minutes of an aerialist, 25 minutes of a live band set and 25 minutes of a DJ set.
Dancers during the DJ set. A lot of tables were occupied down there but no where near as crowded as during my first visit shortly after The Edison opened.
And a good time was had by all.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Funny: Near Disaster In Miami!

Got to tell you a funny story about the near disaster I had when I was in Miami last weekend. As you know, I had just returned from a trip to the Pacific and Asia that involved over 20,000 miles, 11 countries and 17 flights. All of that went flawless. A simple trip to Miami should have been even easier, except for this:
My Saturday night event was Breaks Yo! at club Kill Your Idol is on South Beach and required transportation there from my hotel in downtown Miami. So I decided to take Metrorail to the airport and connect to Bus 150 which runs nonstop over there. And knowing that I'd also need to take the train to the airport early the following morning for my flight to Orlando, I purchased a Miami-Dade Transit 24-hour pass.  All good so far.
At Kill Your Idol I ran a tab that required me to give them my credit card and drivers license. Close to 3AM I decided I'd had enough and simply walked out and caught a cab back to Miami. It wasn't until I got back to my hotel that I realized I left my credit card and license back at the club!

Early Sunday morning I went to the Metrorail station downtown and my pass wouldn't work. Having no money, no credit card and a non-working pass, I had to slide my suitcase under the barriers and crawl underneath myself to catch the next train! At the airport station I explained to the guard that my 24-hour pass wouldn't work and that's when I learned I had purchased a Day Pass that expired at 2AM, not a 24-hour pass! He graciously scanned me out of the transit area where I could then enter the airport and fly home using my passport which I still had with me from the Asia trip!
Big thanks to Jonathan at Kill Your Idol / Lost Weekends for mailing my stuff back to me! 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

DS Update: NBA Experience

As you know, the NBA Experience is coming to Disney Springs West Side. It will be located in the spot where the massive DisneyQuest building used to stand.
The sign says it's opening in Summer, 2019 which means more than a year from now. So far there has been a lot of site work on the grounds but we've yet to see anything go vertical. We'll be following its progress here on the Blog.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

This Weekend In Techno Town

I got to see MK (USA) at the Sirius/XM opening party last Thursday night in Miami and he puts on a great set. And we're happy to see the new downtown club Celine get their mainstage used for some big name electronic music events! DJ Solardo (GB) opens.  EDM.
He has so many hits under his belt now that it will be another crowded night at Gilt Nightclub when DJ Morgan Page (USA) returns to Orlando this Saturday night.  EDM.
Host DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) continues his Saturday night gig at Vinyl Arts Bar this weekend and the guest DJ is Ivano Bellini (I). Should be a great one!  Techno / Tech House.
The NLP DJ group is back this Saturday night at Peek Downtown with DJ Matrix, DJ J-Dub and more!  Breaks.
So many options this Saturday night, so little time!  Bar B is the place with DJ Dose, DJ Sisco & DJ Jennifer Marley (all USA).  House.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

PI Update: Sexy House Nights

As you know, there is a new adult Dance Party at the Waterview Stage on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. Not to be overlooked are DJ's playing House / Ambient / Chill music on those same nights inside Morimoto Asia. To date we have seen DJ John Campisano on Thursday nights, DJ Mynd on Friday nights and DJ Jimmy Joslin on Saturday nights. They're playing upstairs in the Forbidden Lounge and while it's not Mannequins music, it's a start and who knows how it can evolve if people support it!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Club Report: Breaks Yo! (Miami)

Wrapping up my final night in Miami this past Saturday for Breaks Yo! at Kill Your Idol on South Beach!  First visit here since February, 2017.
Whoa! Arrived to find this DJ trio in the booth going back-to-back-to-back!
Arriving fashionably late around midnight, this is what the small club looked like!
DJ Lady T (USA) on the decks!
More Breaks from DJ Medley (USA)!
And then DJ Laura D (USA).
They all had the clubbers bouncing!
Breakbeats all night long!
Good stuff!
We got at 30-minute set from DJ DB Cooper (USA).
But everyone was here of course for DJ Icey (USA).
Still a long line at the door when he began his set at 1AM.
And he would take us on one of those musical journeys!
It was next to impossible to move about the place!
You kind of had to dance where you stood!
Spotted on the dance floor: Epiphanie
Spotted with Christy: DJ Keith MacKenzie (USA)
Spotted by the door: DJ Versa-Style (USA)
Spotted moving supersonically: Lady V
Spotted by the DJ booth: Christen, Blog-favorite CJ & Meagan
Spotted looking adorable: Medley
Also spotted looking adorable: Phil
Spotted in the club: The originator of Breaks Yo!, DJ Bebe (USA). He had earlier played a set at Ultra Music Festival.
Icey's set had the dancers moving!
Some of the eclectic scenery that makes up Kill Your Idol.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
DJ Merlyn (USA) taking over at 2AM. And that would end it for me as I needed to head to the airport at 7AM.
But wow, what a night! A good time was had by all!