Tuesday, February 13, 2018

PI Update: 8TRAX Sliced!

The front entrance to 8TRAX was on Pleasure Island's upper level along Hill Street. When you went inside here, there was a bar along the front that stretched the width of the club. There was also a viewing area to the sunken dance floor one level lower. It was this upper area that kind of stuck out towards the pedestrian walkway.
When Island renovations began, that front section was completely sliced-off! We didn't know it at the time but when that demolition began, it just looked like the entire building was coming down!
But it was sliced-off in order to make way for new shop buildings to be added along Hill Street. Sanuk Flip-Flops occupies the space in front of  the 8TRAX building and as you can see, the remainder of that building did not get demolished. What's back there? We know that Moriomoto Asia's kitchen stretches from Mannequins into the rear of the 8TRAX building (not pictured) and we know Sanuk is in the new building to the front. In between, we're told, is unremodeled vacant space that still looks like 8TRAX!


DJMadManRay said...


Could it still be there? Damn, miss that place!

Anonymous said...

Great memories in 8trax!

KingBob said...

Cool video. After Mannequins, it was my place to hang out!

Troy said...

Shame that the kid who explores abandoned Disney spots (Discovery Island, Disney Quest after it closed) has been banned from Disney; I'm sure he'd take up the opportunity to try and find something rare like that.