Tuesday, February 20, 2018

DS Update: Flying Over Disney Springs

What a beautiful day for flying over Disney Springs! Let's see what's new down there.
As previously reported, the Harley-Davidson store has vacated it's prime spot at the foot of the No. 5 Bridge on the West Side for a new location in the Town Center.  We've not heard what's coming here but it's big enough to be broken into multiple tenants again.
Construction has progressed on the former Wolfgang Puck restaurant and its conversion into mainland Spain restaurant, Jaleo.
Ground work has taken place behind this construction wall but I could not see anything vertical yet towards the construction of NBA Experience. This replaces the Disney Quest for a Summer, 2019 opening.
On the Island, Wine Bar George is making progress and shows two distinct halves.
The brick section looking very turn-of-the 20th century.
No updates for you yet on the Adult DJ Dance Party coming to Waterview Stage on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights beginning next week on March 1st. 10PM - 1:45AM.
With the World of Disney store under major renovation in the Marketplace, you can find some of the junk kitsch over here in this two-level popup store adjacent the Lime Garage entrance.
Disney Springs third garage is going into that patch of dirt in the distance between I-4 and Buena Vista Drive.
Sadly, SunTrust (formerly SunBank) no longer has a Disney Village / Downtown Disney / Disney Springs branch location. Partners Federal Credit Union has taken over their Buena Vista Drive building. You can still find a SunTrust ATM though inside the House of Blues logo store. There's always things happening in Disney Springs!


Anonymous said...

DO you still have the sister blog?

KingBob said...

No, that was discontinued several years ago when electronic music events in Orlando became less rare. However, this Blog publishes the upcoming weekend's best electronic music events every Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks for the INFO!