Saturday, February 10, 2018

Club Reports: Sly Fox Bar, The Patio, Aero Bar, Vinyl Arts Bar

Sly Fox Bar is a small hole-in-the-wall lounge downtown on Orange Avenue.
DJ Geebo (USA) is the Friday/Saturday night resident DJ.
We do see some dancing in here from time to time but at this early hour last night it was just people having a drink and chatting.
The music Top 40 from various decades.
Sly Fox has this interesting beer can wall.
And some interesting music videos too!
The Blog is required to independently verify The Patio's claim that there's always a party here!
DJ Dan-e Crane (USA) & DJ Parry (USA) in the booth as I passed through!
The club is mostly open-aired but since late night-rain in Orlando seldom happens, it's rarely an issue.
Even though it was only just after 11PM, the floor was already jammed!
The music here nearly always Top 40 with some occasional EDM.
The equipment here has been seriously-upgraded from when this operated under former club name Eye Spy.
"Cupid Shuffle" at The Patio, lol.
Spotted at the bar: Former Peek Downtown bartendresses Tiffany & Lindsay.
Well, we can officially certify that there really IS always a party at The Patio!
Moving next upstairs to Aero.
Resident DJ's Robin & Cliff T (both USA) in the booth delivering the good stuff: House!
The lasers were flying!
The people were moving!
And the dance floor was lit!
Break dancing is out; Melbourne Shuffle is in!
Since you're on a roof top at Aero, you're literally "dancing with the stars"!
That look you get from real House music!
Vinyl Arts Bar hasn't changed their name but their new signage lets passersby know about their new package store.
Indeed, you can purchase a 6-pack of many different craft beers or you create your own mix & match 6-pack of your own!
DJ Nick Muir (GB) live!
And the small club was packed!
House music all night long!
Spotted taking pics: Club Photographer Justin Pile.
Spotted on the dance floor: Ash & Christa
Spotted hanging with the DJ: Donna
Nick Muir collaborates with DJ John Digweed (GB) under the name Bedrock. Ironically, I had just seen Digweed (with Sasha) last Friday night at Igloofest!
That look you get from real House music!
Largest crowd I've seen here since Kimball Collins (USA).
A good time was had by all!

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