Saturday, February 17, 2018

Club Reports: The Abbey, Peek Downtown, Vinyl Arts Bar

The Abbey is a "For Rent" events center located just off the downtown core. Every other month they do an 80's Night.
I arrived around 11PM to find the club packed!
For 80's Night live band RockitFly.
Playing many Classic Rock songs of that era!
Most everyone was dressed in civilian clothing last night.  In some of my prior visits here there was more 80's attire in the crowd.
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog-favorite CJ with Stacey
Spotted in VIP: CJ paying a visit to "Arianda".
Spotted by the stage: The always-stylish CJ showing off her cool skinny jeans and ankle boots.
Neon clothes or neon hair, now there's some 80's girls!!
RockitFly includes vocalist Pedro Espada.
We understand Bass Guitarist Tommy Neeley was retiring after last night's show.
Drummer Emmett Hart was off-the-chain good!
The next 80's Night at The Abbey takes place on April 20th!  Admission is free!
Running behind schedule so only a quick visit to Peek Downtown.
DJ Navitas (USA) doing the Breaks!
Spotted at the bar: Selethel & Krysta Marie
Sadly hardly anyone in here during my visit but Peek is famous for its late-arriving crowd so hopefully things picked-up.
Really great music!
I've been dropping-in more and more to Vinyl Arts Bar!
So is everyone else!  Big crowd on hand!

 For Tampa's DJ Brian Busto (USA).
House music all night long!
Taking over at 1AM, DJ Evil Eddie Richards (GB).
The DJ is Old Skool but the music wasn't!
He had everyone bouncing!
Evil Eddie was one of the first DJ's to support the newly burgeoning House music scene back in the late 80's.
Well-known around London because of his residency at famed-club Camden Palace.

Spotted in VIP: DJ Renzo Ruiz (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: East Side Angie
Spotted hanging with the DJ: Amanda
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Chang (USA) from Simons in Gainesville
As it got later, the music just kept getting better and better!
And a good time was had by all!

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