Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This Weekend In Techno Town

We haven't seen DJ Patrick M (USA) in Orlando since last March when he played at Sandwich Bar. He's back and it's always great! This visit is at Vinyl Arts Bar.  House.
Miami Music Week is happening later this month and you can get in the mood Friday night at Peek Downtown with DJ Agni (USA) , Digital Groove Project (USA) and more!  Deep House / Progressive House / Trance.

Wow, an entire night of DJ Rob videos. This could be a great night at Iron Cow!  80's Videos.
Should be a great night of Breakbeats at Peek Downtown on Saturday night as they've got veteran DJ duo RobE & Security (USA) in the booth. They're also hinting at a surprise guest DJ that night!  Breaks.
Monday nights mean TorqueDNB and this week they're in Bar B with resident DJ Circle K (USA) and guest Spinscott (USA).  Jungle Plus Drums.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This March In Thailand: Kimball Collins

Attention Thailand! Orlando's own DJ Kimball Collins (USA) will be returning to your country in March with several shows taking place in Bangkok and Phuket. On Friday, March 9th, Kimball will be headlining this show in Bangkok at Glow.

 And on Saturday, March 31st at Cafe Del Mar in Phuket, another great show! More dates are being added so if you're in the area, let Kimball take you on one of his musical journeys like no one else can!

Monday, February 26, 2018

PI Update: "Late Night Disney Springs" Begins This Thursday

As the Blog exclusively reported on February 15th, an adult DJ dance party will take place on the Island beginning this Thursday, March 1st and then every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at least through the Spring Break season!  The outdoor party is for adults and begins at 10PM and will run through 1:45AM depending on the crowd.

 The parties will take place here at the Waterview Stage on the Island. According to reports in the Disney Parks Blog & Orlando Parks News websites, this is an attempt to make our former Pleasure Island back into a late night destination. Here is the current schedule for this weekend:
Thursday: DJ Ants
Friday: DJ Michael Wycoff
Saturday: DJ Elliot & Company
We're still hearing that the music format will be EDM/Electrohouse.
We'll see how it goes! Save Pleasure Island Blog will have coverage.
Big thanks to Blog reader DJMadmanray for contributing to this report.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Club Reports: Bikkuri Lounge, Independent Bar, Bar B

The sign may say "Sticky Rice" outside, but come around back and go upstairs to find the hidden and amazing Bikkuri Lounge. Beginning my Saturday night where I ended Friday night.
DJ Rich D (USA) on the boards when I arrived!
Dance floor wasn't too busy but Bikkuri is home to that amazing light wall!
Activity picked up a bit.
Spotted by the bar: Brooke & Cristine
Spotted on the dance floor: Blanca & Jim
Spotted in VIP: Keara & Scotty
Also spotted in VIP: Lady V
Spotted by the booth: Shelley & DJ Kevin Timebomb (USA) who had played earlier.
Breaks were the order of the evening!
DJ Mike Nice (USA) coming on next.
And he got everyone moving!
You know by now that if it's at all possible, I'm going to drop by Independent Bar on Saturday night!
The mysterious DJ KC Kut (USA) in the booth during my visit!
Dance floor was absolutely jammed!
The Saturday night format 80's New Wave.
Spotted on the dance platform: Brian and his bitches!
Spotted in the booth: DJ Rob & DJ Kimball Collins. Check out the Blog this Tuesday as we talk about Kimball's upcoming tour.
It was quite a bro-fest last night!
It's that great music everyone knows the words to.
Now over to Bar B where you can always count on electronic music!
DJ Esoteric (USA) in the booth when I first arrived playing House. That camera was streaming the event worldwide on the internet.
Spotted on the patio: The upcoming evening's DJ lineup featuring Andrez, Sisco & Jennifer Marley.
The bar was super busy even if the dance floor wasn't.
DJ Andrez (USA) up next!
Spotted on the dance floor: Trish & Athena
Dance floor finally getting some activity.
DJ Jennifer Marley (USA) up next continuing the House vibe.
Bar stayed active.
The DJ had the club moving!
And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Club Reports: Monkey Bar, Peek Downtown, Iron Cow, Bikkuri Lounge

Lots going on this weekend in Orlando's dance music scene and I began my Friday night at Monkey Bar.
DJ Dity (USA) on the decks!
House music in the house!
Although at this early hour the bar was busy, the outside balcony was busy but the dance floor was not.
Downstairs on Wall Street, these $5 alcohol mist infusions advertised as "instant buzz" drew a long line!
Peek Downtown was next on the agenda!
DJ J-Dub (USA) was in the booth during my visit!
Dance floor wasn't exactly jammed but those there were moving to the beat of the Breaks!
Spotted by the bar: Jessica
Spotted on the dance floor: Tim & Tanyia
Spotted by the pillar: DJ Jennifer Marley (USA) who would play at 1AM.
Classic Breaks!
It was hard to leave but there was more fun to come!
Such as at the new Iron Cow!
First time ever seeing DJ Melodie (RO).
Dance floor here was jammed!
House music all night long!

 Spotted on the dance floor: Adriana & Anthony with friend.
It was crazy in there!
Last stop Bikkuri Lounge. Yes, the building may say "Noodles" on the outside, but on the last Friday of the month, there's Trance inside!
Able to snag a parking space without effort, I wasn't expect many inside but this is what I walked into!
For the legendary DJ Talla 2XLC (D).
That look you get from Trance!
Talla is based in Frankfurt.
Lots of enthusiasm out there for "Lost In Trancelation".
Spotted on the dance floor: Harley with DJ Robb Blak (USA) who had opened the night.
Spotted at the door: Shelly and Jonathan
Spotted on the dance floor: Hasan & Nerissa
Spotted in VIP: DJ Suzy Solar (USA) with Kerri
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda, Sage & Jeff
Spotted in booth: Talla with Suzy Solar
Just don't ask him to play requests, lol!
Great vibe in the room!
Bikkuri is famous for that amazing color-changing light wall.
The DJ had everyone bouncing!
And a good time was had by all!