Tuesday, January 23, 2018

PI Update: Where Are They Now?

You know that Mannequins was my favorite club at Pleasure Island.  So as we approach the 10th anniversary of its demise, can't help but wonder about our former bartenders and ask, where are they now?
Where is BobbyC now?
Where is Gordo now?
Where is Dawn now?
Where is John now?


Brian said...

last thing I heard Dawn was at the one of animal kingdom lodge restaurants?

Unknown said...

What about Heather? Tall blond that was a barmaid at Mannequins?

Anonymous said...

John is at margaritaville

Darryl Hunt (via Facebook) said...

Amy from 8-Trax is at Dockside Margaritas on Select Saturdays...very select...She looks Exactly the same! Always the cutie!

Kevin Johnson (via Facebook) said...

Dawn is at Jiko last I heard.