Monday, January 29, 2018

PI Update: Cheryl Leaving Disney Security!

Blog-favorite Disney Security member Cheryl announced this weekend on Facebook that she is leaving her career at the Mouse Patrol to become a driver for the Minnie Van ride-sharing service!
Of course every Pleasure Islander knows Cheryl from her days on the Island making sure no one got on the Mannequins' revolving dance floor barefooted. In more recent years, she could often be seen outside House of Blues or in the Disney Springs Town Center shopping district.
  Operated in conjunction with the Lyft ridesharing app, the Minnie Van service operates within the Walt Disney World Resort. Cheryl has been with Disney Security for 17 years.  


Ken said...

Cheryl will be missed for sure along the thoroughfare at Disney Springs. She is truly a delightful person.

Anonymous said...

Oh No! This means we're never going to see her again.

Patricia said...

I remember those days at Pleasure Island. Good Luck in your new job.