Friday, January 26, 2018

DS Update: Around The Springs

Let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island!
First stop last night, Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar.
While there is a bar in here, this is hardly the hidden speakeasy that was reportedly planned for this space to be called Neverland Tunnels. It's mainly an Italian restaurant.
But they have imported a lot of food from Italy so you will definitely find some unique dining offerings in here.
Further down Hill Street, progress at Wine Bar George.
At the Waterview Stage, Mighty Swell was performing.
Over in the Marketplace, I was expecting DJ Elliot per the entertainment schedule but this guy who I don't know was leading the Kids Dance Party at the Water Fountain Stage.
But on this chilly school night, not too many kids.
The interactive "Star Wars Secrets of the Empire" show continues.
While gypsy guitarist Nicholas Marks alternated with the Andre Caram Band on the Waterside Stage.
Over on the West Side, we reported a few weeks ago that Orlando Harley-Davidson was moving to the Town Center.  They've moved.
And progress continues on the conversion of Wolfgang Puck into Jaleo featuring the food of mainland Spain. This is sure to be yet another restaurant winner in Disney Springs. Come on out and see it all for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Was Highly disappointed when we went in to check out Enzo's Hideaway!! Was not what I was expecting/ hoping it was! Just ANOTHER Italian Restaurant!! Disney had a great opportunity to display their Magic but it was a HUGE disappointment!! The bar area is very small and it is brightly lit. No atmosphere at all! However the former Adventure's Club, ( still in therapy over its closing!) was somewhat nice!! I loved the atmosphere, music and drinks! Still no where close to The Adventure's Club!...but better than an abandoned dark building! It brings some late night adult life to the island... I mean Springs.

KingBob said...

Anon, I've heard Enzo's has some unique menu items you don't typically find in Italian restaurants outside of Italy. But since I don't eat cheese or tomato products, I have no expertise on Italian food.

That said, I agree that they missed a great opportunity in not opening this as the originally planned Neverland Tunnels. So many Italian restaurants now in Disney Springs.