Friday, January 19, 2018

Club Report: The Castle (Tampa)

Attended a Tampa Bay Lightning NHL game in Tampa last night. Of course any visit to Tampa on a Thursday night requires an obligatory visit to The Castle!
DJ Noi (USA) was in the booth playing 80's, 90's & current Indie pop. The 80's New Wave was like a Saturday night at I-Bar while the Indie was like a Friday night at I-Bar!
Only Mary was on the dance floor when we got there!
Things picked-up a bit during our 90-minute or so visit but it never got crowded. Sadly the upstairs section of The Castle was not open and we were limited to the dungeon section downstairs.
Being a dungeon, there was a rack available!
And some dorm bunks?
And several jail cells!
But we've come a long way from The Castle we used to know when Thursdays meant Pop'N'Wave night with music videos of Pop and New Wave music.
Spotted looking awesome on the stripper pole: Gina
I had never heard of a singer named Lady Gaga when they played her music video "Just Dance" in 2008 here at The Castle. Everyone in the club stopped what they were doing and watched the video and you just knew she was going to be big!
Had to be at work early this morning so couldn't stay late but a good time was had by all!

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