Wednesday, January 31, 2018

This Weekend In Techno Town

Dirtybird Campout comes to the east coast for the first time ever this weekend, occupying a large camping park near St. Cloud.  Click on the image to see the amazing lineup!  House / Deep House / Tech House / Techno. 
While the campout may lead to smaller crowds, DJ's Carlos Mendoza & Wilson Santos will be offering a free show at Vinyl Arts Bar!  Techno.
Check out the Lesbian Traffic Jam this Friday night at Peek Downtown featuring an all-female lineup including DJ Bonni3.  See the flyer for details.  Hip Hop / Top 40.
I'm a big fan of Miami-based DJ duo Cocodrills (USA) and you got to hear them to see how good they are. Saturday night they'll bring their big room sound to Elixir and the weather on the patio should be great!  House.
You know DJ Fixx (USA) & Keith Mackenzie (USA) together as KMFX but when they add D:RC (USA), they become Smookie Illson!  Check them and more out Saturday night at Bikkuri Lounge.  Bass / Breaks.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Despacito Does Not Win

Well some guy named Bruno Mars won a bunch of Grammy Awards this past Sunday night. I'm not familiar with Bruno Mars as I've never seen any of his songs in dance clubs. But congrats to him anyway.  He prevented this Justin Bieber (CDN) Remix version of "Despacito" ft. Luis Fonsi (USA) & Daddy Yankee (USA) from winning. The non-Bieber original version is great celebration of Reggaeton music in Puerto Rico.

Monday, January 29, 2018

PI Update: Cheryl Leaving Disney Security!

Blog-favorite Disney Security member Cheryl announced this weekend on Facebook that she is leaving her career at the Mouse Patrol to become a driver for the Minnie Van ride-sharing service!
Of course every Pleasure Islander knows Cheryl from her days on the Island making sure no one got on the Mannequins' revolving dance floor barefooted. In more recent years, she could often be seen outside House of Blues or in the Disney Springs Town Center shopping district.
  Operated in conjunction with the Lyft ridesharing app, the Minnie Van service operates within the Walt Disney World Resort. Cheryl has been with Disney Security for 17 years.  

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Club Reports: Wall Street Plaza, Indepedent Bar, Vinyl Arts Bar, Elixir Bar

First stop downtown last night was at Wall Street Plaza for their annual "Snow Ball".
Yes, there was actual snow throughout the block-long bar district!
Although on this relatively warm Orlando evening, it was disappearing fast!
As a live band performed in their shorts!
But there was enough for a snow man!
You know if it's at all possible on a Saturday night, I'm going to drop-by I-Bar!
Just as it should be, DJ Indie John (USA) in the booth!
Giving us much-needed early-to-mid 80's New Wave!
Very few of the older Goth crowd comes out any more and the younger crowd wants 80's they know. So a lot of the songs are "Pop 80's" such as Human League's "Don't You Want Me" and George Michael's "Faith". Both brought cheers when they came on!
Vinyl Arts Bar is the home of House & Techno in Orlando!
DJ Cristian Arango (USA) was in the booth when I arrived.
Just a small crowd on hand though last night.
Great House set though had those there were here moving!
VAB has a new beer store up front where you can make your own 6-pack of craft beers!
Formerly a resident DJ of Pacha in NYC, first time seeing him play since 2015 at Peek.
Vinyl was a bit empty because the House crowd was over here at Elixir.
Resident DJ Andre Silva (USA) was still on when I arrived.
And the weather was cooperative enough to allow us to be outside on the patio!
Really great House set!
And then the reason everyone was here.....
For DJ Oscar G (USA).
And the crowd went crazy!
Dance floor was packed!
Some Melbourne Shuffle was going on!
His signature beard has gotten considerably greyer since I last saw him play in 2015 at Club 23.
That look you get from House music!
A lot of vocal Latin House in his mix.
And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Club Reports: Bar B, Kush, Peek Downtown, Bikkuri Lounge

Making my rounds on a Friday night and beginning at Bar B.
Resident DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) in the booth playing older EDM during my visit.
As I would find out everywhere last night, not a lot of people out like normal.
But this dog was enjoying his drink!
We're always trying to find new places to tell you about so let's drop-in for a first visit to Kush Hookah Lounge.
DJ Jerry "The Reverend" Johnson (USA) on the "decks"!
Kush is so small that his "decks" were actually on his tablet....but it works!
No real dance floor so people were bouncing in their seats!
Jerry was delivering quite a vibe in here for artist Susan Elizabeth (center) whose art was on display in the club.
The Reverend visiting with Jeff Row Rapp & Erin.
Club photographer Patrick Scott Barnes was on-hand as well!
Now over to Orlando's home of Breaks, Peek Downtown for "Destroy The Speakers".
DJ David Salgado (USA) was in the booth when I arrived delivering a great Breaks set.
Dance floor was already seeing some activity when I arrived.
It would never get super-crowded though.
DJ Beni Hill (USA) up next and continuing the theme!
Spotted on the dance floor: Jim
Spotted in VIP: Shelley & Stacey
Spotted in exactly the same spot I spotted them in one week earlier: Anthony & Adriana. Did they ever leave?  Happy Birthday Adriana!
Spotted by the booth: Bob
Spotted on the dance floor: Jessica, Sandra & Adriana
Spotted filming: Blanca
Taking over at 1AM, DJ Marten Hørger (D).
Everyone that was standing around outside came in.
Great music!
Laura visiting with the DJ!
Just wish more had come out to enjoy this.
One last stop. Yes, the building may say "Sushi" on the outside but on the last Friday of every month, there's Trance inside!
That's "Lost In Trancelation" night at Bikkuri Lounge and resident DJ Robb Blak (USA) was in the booth giving us Psytrance.
Bikkuri is home to that amazing ever-changing light wall!
But when it got brighter we could see the floor was a bit spartan.
Club should be packed for the next LIT on February 23rd for DJ Talla 2XLC (D) and DJ Suzy Solar (USA)!
Spotted: Gisela with DJ Agni (IS/USA) who had played earlier, and Jayson.
Spotted: Shelly!  A good time was had by all.