Tuesday, December 26, 2017

PI Update: Peeking In On the New Venues

It's supposedly called Pizza Ponte because it's next to the No. 5 Bridge but the sign says Maria & Enzo's Restaurante Pizzeria. This is located where BET Soundstage once stood.
Built into the front section of the former Disney Springs airline terminal, there is a small dine-in section facing the bridge.
It's definitely a quick-serve restaurant with a cafeteria-style line leading past a variety of pizza and sandwich choices.
The main section of the building, the one we are hugely disappointed is not a "performance arena" as we speculated, houses the actual restaurant called Maria & Enzo's. Because what Disney Springs sorely needed was yet more pizza and Italian restaurant options and not adult options!
Apparently the entrance will be here to the east of Pizza Ponte.
Straight-on view.
The Edison of course is located in the former Adventurers Club.
The walls are down and you can see what she looks like!
With some intriguing machinery inside the door!
The Edison opens to the public on New Years Eve and the ticketed event is sold out.
The main set of doors is just further to the west in the area of AC where castmember only stairs led down to the basement of the club.
More machinery.  Remember that The Edison is Disney Springs' former power plant that has been repurposed into multiple bars. It's not clear where they get their electricity from now.
Maria & Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar is the fourth of the 4 new venues and its main entrance is here below STK and the No. 5 Bridge.
As you can see, it will lead to an area beneath West End Plaza where the former castmember snack bar and PI offices used to co-exist. I've heard it will be the last of the 4 new venues to open so we'll let you know when that is!

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