Saturday, December 2, 2017

PI Update: Dinner In Mannequins

Holiday dinner time last night and what better place to have it than Mannequins Dance Palace on the Island in Disney Springs!  Hanging out with a group of coworkers from my office! L to R: Daron, Maria, Michele, Andy, Mary, Ryan & Shelley.
Passing by the Waterside Stage and seeing the Andre Caram Band ft. Drey-C performing two Chainsmokers songs!
Followed by Nicholas Marks and his gypsy guitar!
They still have Mannequins spelled wrong on the marquee.
I know it, you know it, they know it!  That famous revolving dance floor is hidden down there!
Sadly, the only thing that revolves in here anymore is that lazy-susan on the table!
Real food for real people.  The filet mignon arrives on a still-sizzling metal plate and is in my opinion better than the steak over at nearby STK. Amazing!
On the way to the Lime Garage, passing The Strolling Piano belting out Christmas songs.
But since there's no club nightlife to speak of in Disney Springs, it was necessary to head over to Universal Orlando Resort and CityWalk!
First stop Red Coconut Club.
The Herb Williams Band has been playing Top 40 hits at CityWalk for more than a decade!
Between sets, Tampa DJ Chris Craze (USA) was in the booth!  Of course we know Chris Craze from his residency at Floyd's Nightclub in the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa as well as from Amphitheatre in Ybor City!
Andy getting down!
Wasn't particularly crowded but the music was good!
Music was more Top 40 and some great 70's Disco!
Now over to CityWalk's main dance club, The Groove.
Spotted Friday night resident DJ Chino (USA) outside getting ready to take over!
And he would take over at 11PM with Top 40 & Hip Hop hits.
It was pretty crowded in The Groove!
Didn't get my fix of EDM last night but I'll get that tonight at Gilt!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Great food at Disney, fun nightlife at Universal!  A good time was had by all!

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