Saturday, December 23, 2017

Concert Report: Jimmy Joslin's Birthday Party (Bar B)

You know it's not like me to stay in one place all night, but last night's Jimmy Joslin Birthday Party show at Bar B was so good that there was no moving on!
Got there before 11PM and the place was already crowded!
DJ Kemper (USA) was on when I arrived!
With Break dancers already operating!
DJ Knightlife (USA) taking over shortly after I arrived!
With an awesome Old School Breaks/Dance set!
So many of the early 00's Dance hits were Breakbeats!
"Sweet Harmony"!  There's no school like the old school!
Knightlife's set was like listening to 95.3Party back in the day!
OK, dance floor was really getting crowded now!
Giving the people what they want!
Another institution, DJ Sandy (USA) up next!
With classics like "Brass Monkey" & "Egypt"!
Spotted on the dance floor: Carl
Spotted in the corner: DJ's Seth Vogt, Knightlife & Sandy.
Spotted by the booth: House of Blues Service Industry Night Hall of Fame DJ's Sandy, Magic Mike, Jimmy Joslin, Evolv3 & Victor.
Spotted on the dance floor: Mrs. Magic Mike & Nicole
Spotted: DJ Vitamin C & Phil
Spotted lower left: World Famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted by the bar: Jennifer (right) with friend.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ's Scott King & Richie Rich with Angel.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Rob Si-Dog Silas

 Spotted: Nicole's foot!
Biggest crowd I've ever witnessed in Bar B!
Birthday boy Jimmy Joslin (USA) finally coming on late!
Breakbeats all night long!
The dance floor became a bit of a bro-fest for awhile, lol!
I was chit-chatting outside when all of a sudden he played Agnelli & Nelson's "Everyday" and I had to rush back in! Mannequins' classic!
What a great night; Happy Birthday, Jimmy! A good time was had by all!

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