Thursday, November 2, 2017

PI Reunion Alert

The next Pleasure Island Reunion is supposed to take place at Atlantic Dance Hall on Friday, November 17th.  Because ADH doesn't really alter their music when reunions are held there, it invariably becomes a club Motion Reunion.  Nonetheless, if we get a good PI crowd, you may be able to visit with some of your former dance partners from the good old days!  Hope to see many of you there!


tick off PI goer said...

I say WE should NOT go to ADH!
stop giving our MONEY to the place that SHUT our clubs down! and as I had heard that one Manager had said "we do not cater to the PI people" IF I was in that club that night I would have GONE over this persons HEAD and filed a complaint!
I know Disney could care less. but still! that IS RUDE as anything to say with in ear shot of people!
maybe ONE day someone will find another place To go to that will LOVE for us to spend money at?
I know I have NOT left any of My hard earned money at Disney for almost 10 years now!
so SORRY I will not be going!

Anonymous said...

Oh get over it.