Sunday, November 12, 2017

EDC Orlando - Day 2

Sorry for the late posting of today's article but I needed to SLEEP after two days of EDC!  But let's take a look at Day 2.
While Day 1 was comfortably cool under overcast skies, Day 2 featured the return of the sun to Orlando under partly cloudy skies. A bit too warm until evening came. Early crowd here at the Boombox Artcar.
DJ duo Skinny Kidz (USA) in the box!
Over at the kineticFIELD stage, DJ Baggi (BIH / NL) was performing.
House / EDM on the main stage!
DJ Armin van Buuren would be playing here at 10:30PM and it occurred to me that I could easily snag a front row spot at this hour and have a great view! It also occurred to me that I'd have to stand there 7 more hours to retain it!
DJ duo Firebeatz (NL) up next at the main stage!
And they too would play an EDM / House set.
Crowd growing at the Boombox!
For DJ Fluencee (USA).
First visit of the day to Corona Electric Beach.
Up-and-coming DJ duo Carametta & Dooms (USA) doing a great House / Tech House set!
EDC girls!
Dance where you are!
Making kandi bracelets.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
More EDC girls coming through!
First visit of the day at the neonGARDEN tent!
DJ Latmun (GB) doing a House set.
And first visit to the impressive circuitGROUNDS stage.....
.....arriving for the tail end of a Heavy Bass set from DJ Sikdope (PL).
A moment later the stage was taken over by the popular DJ duo Bonnie x Clyde (USA).
They gained many new fans following their appearance at EDC - Orlando last year and during yesterday's show they thanked the Orlando crowd for that!
The circuitGROUNDS crowd would really begin to grow now for the next DJ to perform here.
But first, a quick trip back to the Boombox to see a back-to-back set from Hype Turner (USA) and Clips x Ahoy (USA) doing mostly Dubstep.
With both DJ's from Miami, it was not surprising to hear the music include some Latin hits.
Awesome EDC girls on the roof!
DJ Nitti Gritti (USA) brought a large contingent with him for his set.
Quick visit back to the main stage!
DJ Alan Walker (N) in his traditional hoodie and mask performing an assortment of his hits including "Alone".
OK, now back to circuitGROUNDS for superstar DJ Kaskade (USA). Photo Credit: Patrick Ledbetter
Opening with "Disarm You".
He would play his catalog of EDM hits including "Atmosphere" & "Eyes".
Kaskade represents some of the most positive music in the EDM world and the crowd showed up to bask in it!
During his set, day turned into night.
Spotted on the dance floor: Erick & Donna
Spotted by the stage: Patrick Ledbetter from Orlando Entertainment News, also taking photos for the Orlando Sentinel.
Spotted in VIP: Blog-favorite Jaime Anne
Awesome shot.  Photo credit: Patrick Ledbetter
Post sunset, sunglasses finally off!
Kaskade having everyone turn on their lights!
The electric trees become resplendent after dark!
As do the stages!
After Kaskade, back to the Boombox Artcar all lit-up pretty!
DJ El Dusty (USA) doing a Trap set.
He had a wild crowd out front!
Now back to the kineticFIELD main stage for some free Ben & Jerry's!
Confetti explosion!
Spotted in VIP: Blog-favorite Amanda with BrianCLT.
At every EDC there is some DJ I'm not familiar with that puts on an amazing set that grabs my attention. This EDC it was this guy, one half of DJ duo Pan-Pot (D).
The neonGARDEN crowd was amazed and their post-set cheers were the loudest I heard all festival long!
It was pure Techno at its best!  And his set would be followed by that guy on the right.
DJ Green Velvet (USA)
I saw Green Velvet last December at Sound-Bar in Chicago and then again in February at District 3 in Tampa.  Here he would begin with Techno and then become more Tech House and it was amazing!
At Corona Electric Beach, DJ A-Trak (CDN) up close and personal compared to his main stage set the previous night with Diplo (USA).
Friday night it was mostly Trap and earlier this year at Gilt Nightclub, much the same. But here last night, it was mostly House!
The place was packed and even the pool was seeing some use!
No Smirnoff House this year but Electric Beach was a decent substitute!
OK, back to the main stage and staying put!
Catching the tail-end of numerous hits produced by DJ duo Galantis (S). They stated twice that this was their first visit ever to Orlando!
And then the whole reason for coming to EDC - Orlando!  DJ Armin van Buuren (NL).
Striking his most-famous pose!
He would begin with Trance songs both old and new.
And then go more mainstream. This was my 3rd time seeing Armin this year after seeing him at the Amsterdam Arena in May and then again at Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas in September. You can never have too much Armin!
But with that, EDC finally ended.  A good time was had by all!