Sunday, November 5, 2017

Club Reports: Bob's 1st Annual Bar Crawl

If it's the first weekend in November then you know it's time for the 1st Annual Bob's Bar Crawl. We began with 26 hardy partiers all challenged to see who could keep up!
And we began at Independent Bar because you know by now that if it's at all possible on a Saturday night, I'm going to drop by I-Bar!
In the DJ booth, Saturday night resident DJ Indie John posing with part of my group!
Starting the festivities at 10PM, the dance floor was just beginning to see some activity.
Spotted in VIP: Katherine, Nicole, Kristy, Emily & Juliet
Bag lady was going full speed to 80's New Wave!
Spotted at the bar: John, Maggie & Otto
Spotted by the bar: Katherine & Ryan
Spotted on the dance floor: Cathy & John
Spotted on the dance floor: Dianna & Allen
Now on to The Lodge.
DJ Jason in the booth playing 80's & 90's Classics!
The dance floor was just getting busy here too!
The great thing about The Lodge is these dead animals on the wall give you the feeling that you're in a real hunting lodge.
And on a slightly chilly evening such as last night, the authentic fireplace warms you up!
Part of my group upstairs in VIP.
Really getting crowded now but no one singing along to the music just yet. That happens later.
Christian & Baily saying hello as Amy looks on!
Next stop Frosty's Christmastime Lounge!
DJ Badtouch in the booth playing Top 40 with an occasional Christmas tune!
It started to snow!
Dance floor stayed busy!
It's Christmastime year-round at Frosty's!
Spotted on the dance floor: Denis, Maggie, Amy, Maria & Juliet
If you visit Frosty's, be sure to try their coconut snowball!
The venue is long and narrow and it was super-packed last night!
A lot of people just danced where they were standing!
While the countdown clock displayed how much longer until the big day!
Now into Wall Street Plaza and their main dance club, steampunk-themed Shine.
Oddly, no DJ in the booth last night as music played apparently off a prerecorded track.
The place was super-packed!
So much so that we didn't stay very long.
So we crossed to the other side of Wall Street to Monkey Bar!
Chatted with DJ Dity for a bit, seen standing left with Low End Theory as DJ Georg:ev played.
Not that it wasn't crowded up here too!
Real House music all night long!
Next tour stop, Aero Bar.
With resident DJ Cliff T putting out the House here too!
It was super-packed here as well which made it difficult to move about the place!
Spotted on the dance floor: Front: Kristy, Nicole, Amy & Denis  Rear: Jennifer, Maria & Abe
Nicole giving a thumbs-up to House music!
Spotted in the booth: Backbooth owner & DJ Adam Wright. I was telling him how great their new Friday night after-midnight format is. Link to Friday night's article here.
Spotted in VIP: Jennifer & Abe
Laser explosion!
Aero is located on a rooftop so you're literally "dancing with the stars"!
The Blog finds it necessary to regularly and independently verify whether there really is always a party at The Patio.
Resident DJ Parry makes sure that's the case!
OMG, it was crazy in here in here too!
Hip Hop & Top 40 hits is the format at The Patio and it keeps the dance floor packed!
Part of my entourage inside the booth!
Part of my entourage outside the booth!
Yup, DJ Parry came through again!
There really is always a party at The Patio!
Moving on to Stop #8, Saddle Up.
DJ Vegas in the booth playing Country Line Dances during our visit.
The full moon had everyone downtown last night and Saddle Up was jammed too!
A little Texas Two-Step!
And some Cotton-eyed Joe!  "Where did you come from, where did you go....."
But my group was not liking Country music.....
So it was time to be moving on!
Walking past The Beacham, I was reminded the AAHZ Reunion featuring DJ's Kimball Collins, Dave Cannalte, Icey, Baby Anne and more takes place on Thanksgiving Eve! And since Thanksgiving is early this year, it's just barely over 2 weeks away! Get your advance tickets here and don't get left outside, wishing you were inside.
Now over to Treehouse!
Go up the stairs and climb into the treehouse!
No DJ up here, just recorded music playing EDM last night.
Apparently there were just 10 of us remaining!
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink and chilling picnic-style down on the grass floor!
Number 10 & last stop of the night, Attic Nightclub.
DJ Alex Wood was in the booth playing EDM.
I've seen it worse but it was still packed!
Laser explosion!
We were all on our cell phones watching the clock change from 1:59AM to 1:00AM as daylight savings time ended.
Some of us still had energy.  Some of us did not.
But everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all!

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