Saturday, November 18, 2017

Club Report: PI Reunion (Atlantic Dance Hall)

Atlantic Dance Hall is Disney's only remaining owned & operated dance club and last night it was home to a reunion of former Pleasure Islanders!
With music led by former 8TRAX DJ Willie!
Because ADH is so huge, even when there's a good number of people in the club, it still looks kind of empty!
The music, mostly Top 40 & line dances like you used to hear at club Motion on the Island.
To my knowledge, Atlantic Dance Hall is the only club around Orlando where many of the patrons wear Mouse ears!
Spotted by the bar: Jimmy & Vince
Spotted at the bar: Harry, Lynn & Christi
Spotted in VIP: Mike & April
Spotted on the dance floor: Trey & DJ Frankie
Spotted at the mezzanine: Metal Joe Bagnato
Spotted on the dance floor: Alex & Dawn
Willie will be the DJ here at ADH on New Years Eve. Save Pleasure Island Blog will be sure to drop by to check on things!
DJ Willie closing out the night with a half hour set of EDM, House & Deep House. Yes!!
Mannequins, 8TRAX, Motion & Rock'n'Roll Beach Club were all represented. Great seeing so many former PI residents all at one time, all in one place. A good time was had by all!

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