Thursday, November 30, 2017

DS Update: Springs Entertainment Schedule

Wondering which DJ's, entertainment acts or bands are playing on any given night at Disney Springs? Blog reader Ken S. recently shared this website with me that lists that week's entertainment line-up across Disney SpringsLink.  Thank you, Ken!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This Weekend In Techno Town

It's December folks and "Wake and Bake" has moved their next show from Peek Downtown to Bikkuri Lounge.  The line-up includes Rel 1 (USA) and Seth Vogt (USA) plus many more!  Breakbeats.
DJ Shahar (USA) out of the NYC drops in on Sandwich Bar on Friday night, joined by local DJ Sherif.  House.
Biggest show of the weekend is the return of Winter Springs High School grad DJ Borgeous (USA) to Gilt Nightclub this Saturday night. His lineup of hits include Tsunami, Wildfire, Invincible and many more!  Luxlyfe (USA) opens.  EDM.
You never know who's going to join DJ Jimmy Joslin during one of his sessions at Peek Downtown but it's always a fun time!  Breakbeats.
No big names this week at Eve Nightclub for their new "No Questions Asked" night but they have a solid lineup that includes DJ Renzo Ruiz (USA).  House / Deep House.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

PI Update: Remembering Celebrate Tonight

This past weekend's Blog article spoke of a couple of musical entertainment acts that still take place in Disney Springs, many years after the nightclubs closed. Shortly after the clubs were closed and before those musical entertainment acts were established, there was a different filler of nighttime entertainment on Pleasure Island and it was based on Disney's "Celebrate Today" advertising theme of 2009.
It was called "Celebrate Tonight".  The night of September 28, 2008 was an unusual night on beautiful Pleasure Island. It was the first night that there were no clubs open, it was off-season and thus it was mostly empty. Those traversing the Island reported an eerie feeling. Crickets could be heard chirping. An unanticipated development of the club-closings had immediately surfaced; the silence was scary! Something had to be done.
Beginning in April of 2009, Celebrate Tonight actually began in the afternoon and carried into the night.  It initially began with just these kiosks placed in West End Plaza between Comedy Warehouse and BET Soundstage Club.
A few months later a hut would join the operation. West End Plaza would become Celebration Plaza.
DJ's and dance staff were hired. Initially the process involved stopping passers-by and asking them, on microphone, "What are you celebrating?" Invariably most people weren't celebrating anything and the conversations often went nowhere. Some people literally ran when approached! It was excruciatingly painful to watch. The Blog asked one of the GSM's out there about Celebrate Tonight and his response was the PI transition was taking longer than anticipated and guests were complaining about the empty space. LOL.
During the 14 months of Celebrate Tonight's existence, the spiel evolved into games, music and line dances. There could be decent crowds in-season and on peak nights but my experience was that passers-by pretty much just passed-by!
There were stilt-walkers!
Celebrate Tonight took place on cold days in winter as well as the hot sweltering days in summer. There were cancellations only for rain (and once for snow!).  The staff did all they could to make it a success, such as DJ Willie (USA) pictured above.
But it was a flawed idea and Disney mercifully ended the nightly event in June, 2010. On the closing night, DJ G-Clef (USA) above hosted the evening as time ran out.
And unlike when Pleasure Island itself closed, there were no huge crowds; there was no Save Celebrate Tonight Blog, there was no mourning.

Monday, November 27, 2017

PI Update: The Latest Island Photos

In Saturday's Blog we reported on the numerous musical entertainment performances taking place in Disney Springs on Black Friday night. Today we'll focus more on the venues. So let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island!
The Edison will be opening soon and it's all lit up pretty at night!
The smokestack of this former power plant has the new venue's marquee neon sign!
Looking around back at the Italian restaurant Maria & Enzo's section of the complex.
And a quick peek inside Pizza Ponte.
Underneath West End Plaza, the entrance into what was at one time supposed to be a hidden speakeasy named Neverland Tunnels but now just Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar.
At the Hub, the sign for Wine Bar George has finally been updated to reflect that it's not opening in 2017!
More exciting news at Erwin Pearl Jewelry. There were 4 customers spotted (yes, 4) when I walked by on Friday night. Come on out to the Island and see all of this for yourself!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Club Reports: The Beacham, Independent Bar, Eve Nightclub

Fully recovered from my Wednesday night in AAHZ, it was back out on Saturday night to check out the scene! And what better place to begin it than the place I ended it Wednesday night, The Beacham.
Arrived just in time for the transition from DJ D-Strong (USA) over to DJ Richie Rich (USA). Of course we know D-Strong from his role as official DJ for the Orlando Magic and Richie Rich from his role at House of Blues Service Industry Nights!
I thought that those laser-written DJ signs in The Beacham had been added just for AAHZ but apparently its a new club feature.
No Breaks or Progressive House last night; it was all Hip Hop and Rap.
Richie Rich has been a Friday / Saturday night mainstay here for years!
And he always packs them in!
You know by now that if it's at all possible, I'm going to go to Independent Bar on a Saturday night!
Just as it should be, DJ Indie John (USA) in the booth!
The dance floor was already pretty crowded when I arrived!
And would quickly get even more so!
Spotted in VIP: AAHZ Resident DJ's Dave Cannalte (USA) & Kimball Collins (USA) discussing the success of Wednesday night's show. Kimball says the crowd was just shy of The Beacham's capacity and was only exceeded by the very first AAHZ Reunion in 2009. Link.
Spotted in the booth: Tracy with Lighting Tech Ernie.
The Saturday night format is 80's New Wave; it's the music everyone knows the words to!
Now over to Eve Nightclub and their new Saturday night House music nights!
DJ Renzo Ruiz (USA) in the booth going Deep House on us!
Eve was packed too!
DJ duo Walker & Royce (USA) was on the agenda.
But only Royce was playing.
Vocal House music kept the dance floor moving!
I'm seeing bigger and bigger crowds each Saturday night I've been attending!
Awesome set!
The peeps want House music!
A good time was had by all!

Friday, November 24, 2017

DS Update: Music Around The Springs

Having to go to work early this Saturday morning, I decided to spend my Friday night out at Disney Springs.
Apparently I wasn't the only one that had the same idea!
Arriving first at the Water Fountain Stage in Disney Springs Marketplace with DJ Dave leading the festivities.
He had two very lovely helpers!
This is the kids dance party although all ages are welcome.
And it's a good place to scope out the Moms!
Dockside Margaritas sells more concoctions than just its namesake.
It's a good place to grab a drink and just chill to acoustic guitars and singers such as Phil Bonanno.
The Waterside Stage is the largest performing arena in Disney Springs and it was pretty crowded last night.
The Andre Caram Band ft. singer Drey-C was performing during my visit.  After the Pleasure Island clubs closed, they were one of the first performing acts to play on the Island on those small stages outside Comedy Warehouse. You could always count on Drey-C to be singing current EDM songs!
Last night, some Chainsmokers!
Moving over to Pleasure Island, STK was jammed with diners!
DJ C-Nel was in the booth playing Top 40 and retro hits!
At the Island's Waterview Stage, Nicholas Marks was performing his gypsy guitar!
There was a large crowd here too. Nicholas Marks was also one of the original entertainers on the Island in the post-club era.
At Riverboat Square and the Island's Lily Pad Stage, duo Nik & Reema were performing contemporary music with vocals!
Who says there's no dancing anymore on Pleasure Island!
Last stop was Exposition Park at Disney Springs West Side where another big crowd had gathered!
For DJ Scott King (USA). Of course we remember him from his Pleasure Island days at club Motion, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, BET Soundstage Club & the PI Live booth!
This is more of a Teen Dance Party but it's really all ages too.
And a good time was had by all!