Thursday, October 26, 2017

PI Update: Mannequins Then & Morimoto Now

As one strolls past Morimoto, once can't help but remember what once was.  The marquee sign at Mannequins dominated the skyline.
The marquee sign at Morimoto does a pretty good job as well.
But when you took the lift up to the second floor at Mannequins, this is what the door opened to!
When you take the lift up to the second floor at Morimoto, you're greeted by this. Yawn.
The east wall of Mannequins was dominated by the DJ booth.
The east wall at Morimoto is dominated by stairs.
Mannequins west wall was dominated by this amazing light wall!
The west all at Morimoto is dominated by this private dining area.
Of course Mannequins outstanding feature was the revolving dance floor!
 Morimoto's outstanding feature is this dining room. As you know, it's the Blog's position that under that false floor is Mannequins revolving dance floor!
At Mannequins, the upstairs was held up by these purple girders.
At Morimoto, they're still here folks, just painted in white.
Lastly, at Mannequins, it was all about the people!
While at Morimoto, it's all about the ducks!  Long live Mannequins!

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