Sunday, October 8, 2017

EDC Update: BoomboxARTCAR

Last year at EDC-Orlando they had two smaller music venues to accompany the 3 main stages scattered about Tinker Field.  They were Smirnoff House and Corona Electric Beach. We know the latter is back for another year, featuring a swimming pool amid sand and palm trees with DJ's spinning House music.  But I was hoping that Smirnoff House would return because some of the world's biggest DJ's from the main stages would play 1-hr sets in there.
We don't know whether it will be back or not but we've now seen announced that there will be BoomboxARTCAR on the grounds.  As you can see above, there is a large lineup of not previously announced DJ's playing here.  I don't recognize most of the names that will be playing here except for DJ Saeed Younan (USA) & DJ duo Cocodrills (USA).  Both are wonderful which gives me hope that the others will be as well.
They had an ARTCAR at EDC-Chicago when I attended in 2013 (Link) but this one looks to be a building shaped like a boombox. EDC-Orlando is just 1 month away!

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