Tuesday, October 24, 2017

DS Update: Construction & Demolition

Check out all the Halloween fun at Disney Springs.  And while you're here, check out all the construction and demolition taking place!
CONSTRUCTION:  Not visible yet, but construction has begun for the new Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill located on the border of Disney Springs Town Center and Disney Springs West Side. This is between the Coca-Cola store and the Exchange Building.
DEMOLITION:  Meanwhile the former Wolfgang Puck location is being razed to make room for another celebrity chef restaurant.
It's called Jaleo and will feature food from mainland Spain.
DEMOLITION:  Demolition has finally begun at Disney Quest.
They're not imploding it though; looks like it's coming down with a backhoe.
This prime spot will be the future home of NBA Experience, opening in 2019.

CONSTRUCTION:  On the Island, "The Edison" sign has been added to this section of the new multi-venue building.
Weathering has been added to this sign located on the side of the performance venue section of The Edison.
The Italian restaurant "Mario & Enzo" or "Maria & Enzo's" depending on the source is likely located here. A quick service counter called Pizza Ponte will be in this area as well. Since "ponte" means "bridge" in English, it's possible this will be located near the adjacent No. 5 Bridge.
A look around back.  For a more detailed summary of The Edison complex, please refer to our recent article here.
CONSTRUCTION:  Down under the No. 5 Bridge and down under West End Plaza we have the hidden rum running tunnel / speakeasy we believe will be called Enzo's Hideaway.
And after a stoppage of many months, entrance construction is now taking place in earnest. The Edison complex is supposed to open before year-end.
CONSTRUCTION:  Also supposedly opening in 2017 is Wine Bar George.
I don't see how they can make this deadline with barely 2 months remaining in the year.

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