Tuesday, October 31, 2017

PI Update: Even More Edison Information

Scott Joseph of the website Scott Joseph's Orlando Restaurant Guide is providing even more information about three of the venues that will be inside The Edison complex!  His update confirms what The Blog was the first to report; the new Italian restaurant is to be named Maria & Enzo's, not the widely reported Mario & Enzo.

In that same article, we reported on the quick-service takeout Pizza Ponte and its location adjacent the No. 5 Bridge.
 Also in that article here, we reported on the name Enzo's Hideaway hidden beneath West End Plaza.  Scott provides much more detail though about each venue. So be sure to click on the link to his article.
While this clears up some things, it also calls into question other things. The article infers that the Italian restaurant will occupy that section of the building that is a so-called "former airline terminal" which is the section that in the past The Blog has called a "performance arena".  But if that 3-story section is actually Maria & Enzo's, then where is The Edison? And if The Edison is going to offer aerialists, contortionists, burlesque and a dance floor, where is all that taking place?  If The Edison is limited to the former Adventurers Club section only, it's a far smaller evening entertainment venue than we anticipated.  The mystery continues!  Thanks to Thommy & Troy for the links!

Monday, October 30, 2017

PI Update: What To Expect At The Edison

We're previously reported on the 4 - 5 main venues that will make up The Edison when it opens in December on the Island in Disney Springs. But everyone is asking for details. Here's some:

Blog reader Troy points out this update on The Edison's Facebook page which describes some of what to expect:  A multi-level restaurant and bar, The Edison embodies a completely unique combination of style, art and design with great food, cocktails and world-class entertainment. Open for lunch and dinner, the menu consists of contemporary American fare, with a selection of sandwiches, salads and entrees; plus a focus on artfully crafted cocktails. The main room features a dance floor and stage, where each night The Edison will feature an eclectic lineup of live entertainment including musicians, aerialists, dancers and more.  Emphasis added for dance floor.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Club Reports: Church Street Block Party, Independent Bar, Peek Downtown, Vinyl Arts Bar

The only time it ever rains in Orlando at night is if a cold front is passing through or there is a tropical storm nearby. Not sure which is to blame for last night's rain showers but it did not put a damper on downtown's Halloween festivities including the Church Street Block Party!
DJ Scott King (USA) was on the main stage when I passed by and he was playing an EDM set!
The rain would end before midnight but there was already a decent crowd gathering for the event!
With Halloween on a Tuesday this year, last night was the de facto night to put on your costume and get crazy!

 Of course we know Scott King from his numerous events at Disney Springs and Pleasure Island before that!
You know by now if it's at all possible on a Saturday night, I'm going to drop by Independent Bar!
Just as it should be, DJ Indie John (USA) in the perch playing 80's New Wave!
Dance floor was beginning to gain some credibility!
At times it was hard to tell the costumed people from the normal people!
Spotted on the dance floor: Cristine & Krista
Spotted in the booth: DJ Indie John with his lovely wife Laraine (right), daughter (left) & friend (far left).
Spotted in the front room: Craig, Jen, Ellen & Virginia
Always a fun time at I-Bar!
Now over to Peek Downtown for more fun!
Gustavo was in the booth during my visit.
The bar was busy.
As was the dance floor!
Spotted: DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) with friends. Mendoza is one of the DJ's playing at Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando which is less than 2 weeks away now!
Spotted at the bar: DJ Nemesis with friend.
House music all night long!
Last stop Vinyl Arts Bar.
Arrived just in time to see proprietor Wilson hosting the costume contest!
And there were some good ones!
Sorry for the bleach-out guys! After the contest, DJ Brian Busto (USA) turning the reins over to Kimball Collins (USA)!
Kimball would start fast with his Progressive House set. But did I hear a Breaks song in there? Did I hear a Trance song in there?
The place was packed too!
I previously described Kimball's show here in July as the largest crowd I've ever seen at VAB. Last night's numbers may have eclipsed that!
Of course Kimball's do not miss "These Are The Breaks" show on Thanksgiving Eve will pack The Beacham. The lineup includes DJ Icey, Dave Cannalte and a one-time return set from DJ Baby Anne! Since this could sell out, you are urged to get your advance tickets now. Link.
Spotted on the dance floor: Shelley with DJ Timebomb.
Spotted up front: DJ Def Jeff
Spotted on the dance floor: Ash
Spotted by the booth: World Famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted in VIP: Gina & John
Spotted by the art wall: East Side Angie & Christa
Spotted by the bar: DJ Jerry The Reverend & Kelli.
Spotted dancing: Stacey
Spotted leading the dancers: Aaron
Vinyl Arts Bar looks like it's built in an old house with the dance floor and DJ in the former living room!
And the bar in the former kitchen!
Kimball doesn't just play music; he takes you on a journey.
Always a great vibe in the room at his shows.
And costume or no costume, a good time was had by all!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Concert Report: DJ Chris Lake (Elixir Orlando)

Elixir Bar was the place to be last night!  First time visiting Elixir since seeing DJ Sonny Fodera (AUS) playing here back in March!
Arrived around 11:30PM to find DJ Dombresky (USA) in the booth.
The outdoor courtyard where DJ's play was absolutely packed!
Great House set from this San Francisco-based DJ as the evening's headliner looked on from the rear.
And then taking over promptly at 12:30AM.....
DJ Chris Lake (GB)
And the crowd went wild!
It was a much younger crowd than I expected considering the number of years Chris Lake has been producing music.
Spotted bartending on the right: Barbie from Bar B.
Spotted in VIP: Elixir resident DJ Dose with Jaime Anne, Sina & Samantha.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Sandra Cruz, Jen & Stacey.
The peeps want House music! Pretty sure this was a sell out!
Early in his set, his 2016/2017 megahit "Operator"!
Chris Lake played at EDC-Orlando last year but the first time I ever saw him play was at the very first EDC-Orlando in 2011. (Picture)
Packed last night as far as the eye could see!
Elixir has an indoor bar but their big DJ events take place outside here on the patio. And the weather last night was perfect for something like this!
"Moving up and down side to side like a roller coaster!" Playing unpublished Fisher (GB) song, "Stop It".
A good time was had by all!