Monday, September 18, 2017

PI Update: When The Island Wasn't An Island

Fond memories today of Pleasure Island's Waterfront, the area between the Island and the parking lots.
But there was a time between mid-2014 and early-2015 when The Waterfront was removed and the Island was an island no more!
What didn't evaporate was filled with sand to absorb the water. Talk about "draining the swamp!"
We can see here in this 2014 photo the former No. 2 Bridge and that it no longer spanned any water. One former railroad car / ticket booth had been removed and the other stood derelict.
And with both ends of The Waterfront no longer connected to Village Lake water, this last section with water adjacent the No. 1 Bridge would soon be dry as well.  

 In 2016 water would return here again, this time in the form of the springs of Disney Springs!

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