Saturday, September 30, 2017

Club Reports: Monkey Bar, Attic Nightclub, Vinyl Arts Bar, Bikkuri Lounge

Visited 4 clubs last night and here's the proof!  Plus I've got pictures!
First stop Monkey Bar, the hidden gem inside Wall Street Plaza that I stumbled upon a few years ago!
DJ Matt Enos (USA) was in the booth when I arrived putting out a great House mix!
The only dancers at that point were located aft in the club.
Big crowd out on the balcony.
Resident DJ Dity (USA) taking over a bit later and continuing the vibe!
Spotted in VIP: The Jones Boys
The floor was getting more active but with my drink consumed, it was time to be moving on!
Next stop Attic Nightclub.
Resident DJ Alex Wood (USA) was in the perch playing EDM.
It's notoriously difficult to get pics in here but it was getting crowded!
Laser explosion!
Posing for The Blog: DJ Julian Jordan (NL)
And taking over shortly after 12:30AM.
Continuing with more EDM, Julian Jordan had the club bouncing!
Was excited to see that DJ Jeff Retro (USA) is playing at Attic on October 13th. I had just seen him in the booth at Omnia Terrace in Las Vegas earlier this month!
Vinyl Arts Bar is one gem of a club.
DJ D-Unity (CDN) was already in the booth when I arrived.
Good crowd in the club dancing away!
You can always count on electronic dance music at VAB!
Not sure if I can tell the difference between Techno and Tech House but I would say the latter for what he was playing last night!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) with his entourage. He'll be playing next month at Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando.
Dance floor stayed busy during my entire visit!
This place is always so much fun!
Sushi restaurant by day, dance club by night: Bikkuri
The amazing DJ Alex M.O.R.P.H. (D) on the decks when I arrived!
There was a decent-sized crowd in the club but not as crowded as some of the events we've seen here.
But his Trance set created that vibe you seldom get anywhere else!
First time seeing him since he played here at Bikkuri Lounge last October.
Spotted up front: Door Hostess Shelly
Spotted by the booth: DJ's Lil'B & Suzy Solar (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog-favorite bartender Fernando from Atlantic Dance Hall, recently back from Future Sound of Egypt in Cairo!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Agni (IS/USA) with Magdalena
Spotted on the dance floor: Sage with friend
Spotted on the balcony: DJ Robb Blak (USA) with Alex & Harley
Alex M.O.R.P.H. was quite animated last night!
That look you get from real Trance music!
Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

This Weekend In Techno Town

An amazing international weekend of dance music coming up in Orlando with DJ's from Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada & USA!

Come out and celebrate Claudia's birthday tonight at Monkey Bar all the while listening to some great music from X-Andy, Roy Prynge & Carlos Mendoza (USA).  House.
Have you heard about the new Goth night at Vinyl Arts Bar?  It continues to gain a Thursday night crowd!  New Wave / Goth / Industrial.
This one's gonna be good!  DJ Alex M.O.R.P.H (D) returns to Bikkuri Lounge for the next edition of "Lost In Trancelation". Always packs the place!  Trance.
Another great Friday night option is the return of touring DJ's to Attic Nightclub and this session we have a first appearance from DJ Julian Jordan (NL).  EDM / Electrohouse.
Yet another top name in the music world is DJ D-Unity (CDN) also appearing Friday night at Vinyl Arts Bar.  Techno.
Gilt Nightclub continues their Saturday night series of world class DJ's, many of them from the Trance world. Such is the case this weekend for DJ Ilan Bluestone (GB).  Trance.
It's great to see electronic music returning to Eve Nightclub; it's been awhile.  Let's pack the place for DJ Detlef (GR) with Chris Ayo (USA) and others opening.  House.
The lineup includes DJ's Jimi the Genius, Versa-Style, Timebomb and more at Orlando's home of Breaks, Peek Downtown.  Breaks.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

RIP Pleasure Island - 9 Years

Can you believe it?  9 Years.
Pleasure Island.  Always Love, Always Remember.
Special to Save Pleasure Island Blog from Nicole Lioce. Will always treasure this.

 Final Night Mannequins photo special to Save Pleasure Island Blog by DJ Ian McDaniel flanked by DJ Dave Cannalte & DJ Peapod.  Thanks, Ian!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

PI Update: The End Was Near

Thursday Night Report- September 25, 2008

Mannequins was packed by 9pm. Club reached capacity around midnight and no one else could go in until people left. Instead of the front door and the elevator they are using the 2nd floor side entry on the Waterfront side. You queue on the side, show your pass separately from getting your armband and then climb up the side stairs to the entry door. I haven't seen them use the side entry in 10 years! Club so crowded that the revolving dance floor stopped. I don't know if the weight of the people broke it or if they just stopped it to prevent it from breaking. We'll see if it's operating tonight.

Live band "Hip Kitty" was playing on the Waterfront Stage adjacent Mannequins. Kitty in Converse Allstars, tall white knee socks with the stripes at the top and short shorts made for a very retro look. Same band tonight; Frankie and the West End Boys playing Saturday night.

8TRAX was relatively empty. No delays getting in.


MOTION very crowded inside but the line outside moved very quickly, at least right before midnight when most people already had their armbands.

I did not check on ADVENTURER'S CLUB or COMEDY WAREHOUSE. Supposedly the AC line on Wednesday stretched from the entrance all the way to the Harley Store just before they opened.

It will be worse tonight and chaos on Saturday!

Friday Night Report- September 26, 2008

Whereas Mannequins was the only dance club to reach capacity on Thursday night, all the dance clubs except Mannequins reached capacity on Friday night. That's not to say Mannequins wasn't was packed too. But they were able to use the normal front entry rather than the side stairs. They still have the ropes along the side stairs so we may see that being used tonight.

Both comedy clubs had long lines but you could get in if you didn't mind waiting.

Tonight's the night that everyone has been both anticipating and dreading. Comedy clubs open at 6pm with first performances at 6:50pm. Dance clubs open at 8pm. DJ Peapod at Mannequins reports that he's up first as each of the 3 main DJ's at Mannequins play their final sets. It will be interesting to see what each DJ selects for their final song. Outside, Frankie & the West End Boys make their final appearance ever at PI. They were the main band to play on the West End Stage before that was demolished. They still have a PI drink named after them.

Recommend that you arrive early to be sure you get in to whatever club you want to go to. Those on my e-mail list have my phone number and you're free to call me after 4pm and I'll let you know if there are any lines forming at that hour.

This is it..........the END of Pleasure Island has arrived.

Monday, September 25, 2017

PI Update: STK DJ's

Prior to STK opening in late May, 2016, management from NYC held tryouts for the DJ's who would be playing during their dining hours. In this Special to The Blog photograph, we see the large number of local DJ's that came for the tryouts.  Just when I thought I knew every DJ in Orlando, I find out that I don't!  But looking around the group I spotted DJ's Mickey Bono, Elliot, Adam Wells, Freefall, Mo, Rincon, Ray Love, Adam Oam, Jay-R & DJ Frank. If you're ever there you'll find the music is 70's, 80's, 90's, EDM, & Top 40 and it varies throughout the night. The only rule I'm aware of is no Hip Hop. The volume has been turned way down from when the venue first opened as the inability to chat with those at your dining table led to many complaints. The food is good so give them a try!