Monday, August 7, 2017

PI Update: Study The Concept Art

Last week's source-based rumor that the new "Edison" complex under construction on the Island would actually be 4 new venues and not just the expected 3 should not have come as a surprise.  After all, had we just studied the concept art that was staring us in the face has shown this possibility all along! (DOUBLE CLICK IMAGE TO EXPAND)
First of all we have this section that is located in the former Adventurers Club. AC's former tower was torn down and replaced with this former electric company smokestack and there is new facade. To our knowledge, this will home to a new restaurant.
This section here used to be located between AC and BET Soundstage and was part of Adventurers Club. Notice the windows here are nowhere near as elaborate as what was in the concept art.

If you recall, outside there was a seldom-used staircase that went down to AC's lower level as well as to the cast member snack bar as we see in this 2010 file photo.  However, we don't think this is the 2nd venue of the four.  If you look closely at the concept art, they show outdoor dining in front of both of these sections and "The Edison" is actually written above the windows of this section. So we believe this is part of the restaurant section of The Edison.

We now know that the "performance arena" section of the complex is the 3rd venue and the largest. This is the section constructed where BET Soundstage and the WC complex used to stand. Originally speculated to be Walt's Place and later just the performance arena for The Edison, the rumor stated that it would have its own name and be themed as an old airline terminal. But we should have known that because the concept art clearly shows an aircraft control tower!
New artwork is coming along outside the former passenger terminal.
Zoom in and see if you can make out what it's going to say. We're told it says "Trans Global Airways" and then "Your Wings to --- ---" followed by "Luxury Flights Worldwide". 
The 4th venue of course is down under beneath West End Plaza where initial reports called this the Neverland Tunnels. This is where the cast snack bar was located along with several Pleasure Island offices. The most recent source indicated that name is now out but it will still be a hidden speakeasy with a different theme and apparently no longer for us lost boys! So then where is the 2nd venue?

 We're not really sure yet. Previous Edison blueprints we published last February showed rooms within The Edison with individual names such as The Tesla Lounge, Telegraph Lounge and The Radio Room.  Maybe this mysterious 2nd venue is actually on the lower level of Adventurers Club or down here between the speakeasy and the Edison.  We still don't know how all of this is going to play out!


Billy Mack said...

Trans Global Airways

Troy said...

They're making progress. Three or four months ago, the official Instagram page of the Edison said it would be open in October.

I don't think that's going to be the case, but I think there *is* a chance it's open before the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mannequins had a turn table to turn around steam locomotives.

So continuing with our travel them, now we have a airport control tower and a large building as a departure gate. Is that building big enough... could it be.. could "THE FLOOR" see a return inside of it. Could some die hard fans of MDP all along had some sinister idea, working behind the scenes to make some magic happen.

Hmm... Makes you wonder eh?

Anonymous said...

^ Would have to be a new floor because we all know where the old floor is.

Anonymous said...

Eastern Airlines used to have a ride at the Magic Kingdom. A cross promotion sign used to say "Fly Eastern. Your Wings to the Family Vacation Kingdom. Walt Disney World". If you do an image search on Google you can find it. I think there may have even been another sign or brochure which looked a lot like the picture going up on the building.

Troy said...

If you find an old image of LAX, the tower is strikingly similar. It's impossible *not* to see it now.

KingBob said...

Trans Global Airways......correction made.....thank you!