Sunday, August 20, 2017

Concert Report: Rabbit In The Moon (HOB)

What a great feeling after so many years to be spending a Saturday night in my old partying home of Downtown Disney Disney Springs!  Electronic music at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista!

 And just like old times, spotted by Disney Security!
Inside around 9PM, found DJ Sage Armstrong (USA) on stage.
And even though it was still early, the dance floor was already filling-up!
The music nearly all Progressive House / House.
Ending with a couple old school Breaks hits!  Sage Armstrong is part of the Dirtybird stable of DJ's and is based in Los Angeles. He's also playing tonight at Elixir Bar downtown!
Dance floor space was quickly filling-up!
Monk (USA) was up next! He was formerly part of RITM.
And it was getting crazy in here!
It was getting difficult to move about the place!
Possibly even more than what we used to see at House of Blues' famed Sunday night Service Industry Nights!
Monk sans his trademark dreadlocks that he was wearing the last time we saw him. Link.
Spotted at the upstairs bar: DJ Circle K (USA) who had opened earlier, with lovely wife Ronda. No one would have believed DnB at Disney World....but it just happened!
Anyone who is anyone was there last night! Spotted downstairs: Brooke, Athena & DJ Steven Hart.
Spotted by the dance floor, TOP ROW: Jen  MIDDLE ROW: Neil, Wade, Katie, Bob  BOTTOM ROW: Jim
Spotted by the bar: Katie, Jody & Jen
Spotted downstairs: Venus & Elmo
Spotted in the Presidential Suite: Mazor Promotions' Jen & Ira.
Spotted at the aft bar: Adriana & Anthony
Spotted by the stairs: Lady V
Spotted: DJ Scotty Fraser with Keara
Spotted in the crowd: Jackie Nicole
Spotted: DJ Kevin Timebomb and Shelley
Spotted: DJ Sandra Cruz
Spotted: Pleasure Island's DJ Dave Cannalte
Spotted: Shane with DJ Supagroover and Bridgette
Spotted in VIP: Amanda and BrianCLT
Spotted: Nyse
Wild Hare coming!
Wild Hare going!
Spotted in the Loge: DJ Carlos Mendoza. He returns for another year as one of the DJ's at Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando!
Spotted on the dance floor: Carl & Gina
Spotted in the Suite: Trish
Spotted: Favorite bartendress Jennifer and Heather
Spotted: Heath & Lanie
Spotted arriving fashionably late: Leah
DJ Will Clark (USA) up next around 10:45PM.
By now HOB was jammed in every corner!
Great House set!
Packed to the rafters!
Dancing wherever you could find the real estate to do so!
Around midnight the curtain closed for 10 minutes for a set change.
And then it reopened for the reason everyone came: DJ David Christophere and.....
And Bunny!  Rabbit In The Moon (USA)!!
Mostly Electro and even some Industrial, they had male dancers!
They had female dancers! (Including Kriss Reign!)
They had soldiers dancing to David Bowie's "Let's Dance"!
Wild Hare pulled on stage to have her teeth grinded!
Milk Bath!
The Rabbit In The Moon logo store was doing brisk business!
Bunny in a bubble!
Bunny being rolled-out over the audience! Wow!
Bunny & David Christophere together!
Just an amazing experience!  A good time was had by all!


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