Saturday, August 19, 2017

Concert Report: DJ Lupe Fuentes (VAB)

Vinyl Arts Bar has become Orlando's leading home of House music and last night was no different! And when you combine a great venue with 3 female DJ's, you just can't go wrong!
Upon arrival, finally getting to see the lovely DJ Cosmic Deva (IL) perform.
But just a few souls here this early.
DJ FoxForce005 (USA) up next! First time seeing her play since she opened for DJ duo Yolanda Be Cool (AUS) at the Social last October.
Her set was an amazing mix of mostly House with some Tech House.
Around 12:45AM, DJ Lupe Fuentes (E) took over the controls.
And she would take us on a musical roller coaster journey with lots of loud build-up's and drops!
I don't know where everybody came from but suddenly the room got crowded!
The music had everyone moving!
Spotted: Promoter Bobby Lyman. Don't miss his free pool party on Saturday, September 2nd featuring DJ's Suzy Solar, Versa-Style, The Dar, Leilani and more. It's family friendly so bring the kids! Link.
First time seeing her perform in Orlando!
House music all night long! And nearly all of it Vocal House!
Getting in to her music!
Wish more would have shown up for this but and a good time was had by all!

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