Friday, August 18, 2017

Club Reports: Ace Cafe, Wall Street Cantina

Second ever visit to the brand new Ace Cafe Orlando.  The last visit it was at nighttime for drinks but this visit it was daytime for lunch!
Did someone say wings!?  Very few places that I can think of have wings downtown and these Mahogany wings were delicious!
My group not only enjoying wings but also burgers, flatbreads, fish and more from their extensive menu! With locations around the world, Orlando has the first Ace Cafe in the United States.
The logo store is packed with t-shirts, leather jackets and other memorabilia.  Ace Cafe is located on West Livingston Street at I-4.
Next went looking for a place for a happy hour drink or two but Sideshow was having a private party and Bar B & Cleo's were closed. So we settled on Wall Street Cantina.
I think it's been years since I had been in this place.  In daylight you realize how gritty and grimy downtown Orlando actually looks!
Sorry a bit blurry from my camera phone. First-ever Blog appearance by Jess who was joined having a frosty cold brew by Emily & Juliet. As Top 40 blared in the background, a good time was had by all!

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