Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Do You Have NYE Plans Yet?

Can you believe that 4 months from tonight is New Years Eve?  It's not likely you've made plans yet but let me tell you, the best NYE party in town is at EPCOT!  There are DJ parties all over World Showcase. At China, former Mannequins DJ Dominick Morrison will be returning for his 17th year playing EDM and House music!
At China flame throwers light-up the night sky while a large dragon belches smoke!
And the plaza is always packed with dancers!
At Italy, DJ Mark Sanchez has in past years delivered a night of great EDM, Electro, Bass and some occasional Breaks!  He recently confirmed with the Blog that he's back this year!
The main feature at Italy is the extensive laser show!
Sanchez always packs them in on the piazza!
But that's not all. There's a silent disco at Japan, live band and DJ at Great Britain and live band and DJ at American Gardens.  In Future World, there is also a Top 40 DJ at the Fountain Stage. EPCOT isn't cheap and the ride wait times are outrageous! But it's a safe place to hang out and lots and lots of fun!

Labor Day Weekend In Techno Town

The holiday weekend has arrived and Orlando is jammed with events!

Your weekend can begin as early as tonight as Electric Barbarella is presented as a tribute to Orlando Weekly columnist Billy Manes who passed away last month. The Beacham. Features DJ Smilin' Dan (USA). 80's New Wave.
This one is a big one and is just part of the resurgence of D&B. Tomorrow night at Venue 578, DJ Netsky (B). D&B.
This new Thursday night at Vinyl Arts Bar is slowly gaining a following. New Wave / Goth / Industrial.
It's "Lost In Trancelation" at Bikkuri Lounge and while Freedom Fighters (IL) had to cancel, Coming Soon!!! (IL) is the replacement! With DJ Suzy Solar (USA) and more! Psytrance / Trance.
Peek Downtown has a bunch of Miami DJ's playing Friday night including DJ Leyva.  House.
Sandwich Bar is always a fun place to enjoy electronic music and this session resident DJ Renzo Ruiz is joined by DJ Martin Zambrano (EC).  House / Deep House.
I recently heard a set from DJ Raul Boesel (BR) here at Vinyl Arts Bar and this Friday night he'll be going back to back with DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) who was recently selected to perform at EDC - Orlando!  House / Progressive House.
Finally an electronic music event for the family! Beginning at 11AM, the "Progressive Pool Party" at Splash Chill & Grill in Orlando is FREE and it's for all ages so bring the kids & teens!  DJ Suzy Solar (USA) will be headlining while Leilani, Versa-Style and many others will be spinning as well!  Breaks / House / Trance.
Then Saturday night, the Breaks continue at Elixir Bar as DJ's perform off two stages including the outside patio.  Features DJ's Huda Hudia, Noel Sanger, Andy Hughes and many more!  Breakbeats.
Life In Color returns to Orlando Saturday night at the Central Florida Fairgrounds and this year they're offering a Paint-Free zone for those of us who don't want to get splashed!  Features DJ duo Zeds Dead (CDN) & Space Jesus (USA). Dubstep.
Following DJ Magic Mike's (USA) successful reintroduction of his famed Sunday nights at House of Blues this past 4th of July holiday weekend, Disney is allowing a repeat this coming Sunday night!  It's not a service industry night as a ticket needs to be purchased.  With DJ's Rincon & Ish.  EDM.
The holiday weekend doesn't wrap-up until you see the famed DJ AK1200 (USA) perform on Monday night at Native Social Bar. With DJ Circle K & MC Collaborator (USA).  D&B.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

CW Update: CityWalk 9 Years Later

As we approach the 9-year anniversary of the Pleasure Island clubs closing, it's interesting to read some of the Blog articles we published late in 2008.  Some of them pertained to CityWalk's efforts to attract Pleasure Island's homeless.  Even the Orlando Sentinel was fascinated with the idea that Disney gave-up on nightlife and the impact that would have on Orlando's nightclub scene. Makes for a fascinating read even today: Sentinel Link.   

But after an initial flurry to capture the PI crowd, the opportunity presented to CW never took off. Three months post-PI's closure, I made these observations in a Blog article and then my current comments follow in red:
1. They need to follow-through on a CityWalk Annual Pass to replace our free passes once they expire at the end of March. The cost should be comparable to what PI charged for their AP. Hard to believe they've never offered one in the past. But no one I know is going to pay $11.95+tax every weekend for CityWalk. Sure PI charged $24 but that was tourist money; all of us locals had AP's for $55/year and we were the bread & butter that supported the place during the non-tourist/non-convention seasons. It's 9 years later and CityWalk never did end-up offering an annual pass for locals.

2. I've met many former PI patrons out at the CityWalk clubs over the past 3 months but few are consistently there and it's definitely begun to wane. I don't know where everyone has drifted to but CityWalk is not holding on to what they gained. I see a few PI people at Atlantic Dance, I see a few PI people at CityWalk, I see a few PI people downtown. But overall, PI people scattered and were rarely seen again!

3. CityWalk has made close to no effort to capture our hearts by even remotely replicating any of the things that made Pleasure Island unique. Hip hop clubs are a dime a dozen in this town (still are) and that is basically what The Groove has become over the past few years. Red Coconut Club is interesting but most of the music played is exactly the same as what you hear in TG. So in that regard both The Groove and RCC are good replacements for PI's Motion. But the 3 most popular venues at PI....the ones whose closure has stirred the most emotions....are Adventurers Club, 8TRAX and Mannequins. I don't think AC can be legally replicated but the music of 8TRAX and Mannequins can be yet there has been no effort to do so. Nine years later this story remains the same. With electronic dance music surging right now you'd think there would be more of it played at The Groove but there isn't. Back in 2013/2014 Electromagic took over and did occasionally bring in some out-of-town DJ's to play EDM.  I thought the nights were successful but they reverted back. Even the annual Sunday night of Labor Day weekend (which was always a huge EDM night) was cancelled.

Since this article was published in 2008 we lost Latin Quarter but otherwise the club mix has remained the same. Many technical upgrades have of course been added at the CityWalk clubs but the music played hasn't. I guess it is what it is.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Adventures In Charity Returns

AC & CW fans, Adventures In Charity is returning again this year! It's taking place on Saturday, September 30th, the weekend following the "final night" anniversary of when the clubs on Pleasure Island closed in 2008.  At the Adventures In Charity event, more than a half dozen former Disney cast members (including Adventurers Club & Comedy Warehouse) will appear doing original comedy skits with net proceeds going to charity.  The Saturday night event is taking place at the Holiday Inn Resort on SR535 in Lake Buena Vista and ticket prices begin at just $25!  Full details, the line-up and ticket purchases can be found here. This event is close to sold out so don't delay!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Club Reports: Independent Bar, The Patio, Jungle Room, Aero Bar

Saturday night in the city and you know if it's at all possible I'm going to begin the night at I-Bar!
And just as it should be, Resident DJ Indie John in the booth delivering the good stuff!
Jammed dance floor for early-to-mid 80's New Wave!
It's the music that everyone knows the words to!
Spotted at the bar: Tracy Lulu
Spotted on the dance floor: Scott & Mari
Hard to believe I've been coming here for nearly 9 years now!
Back behind I-Bar is The Patio. Any place that makes a claim like this subjects themselves to independent verification!
Resident DJ Parry in the booth playing Top 40 and Hip Hop hits!
The dance floor was packed!
Bubble music!
There's no ceiling above much of the club!
Parry will mix-in some EDM to humor me but Top 40 is the key here!
Official Blog Certification completed. There really is always a party at The Patio!
Back behind The Patio is the Jungle Room.
DJ's Steve Fame & Rock Johnson sharing duties in the booth last night!
The music pure Hip Hop.
Small room but packed in here too!
Up above all that is Aero Bar.
With Resident DJ Cliff T in the booth!
The music up here all EDM!
While last night's "Fight" may have kept the crowd down, it seemed plenty busy to me!
Spotted on the dance floor: Christian Christian
Since Aero is on the rooftop, you're literally dancing with the stars!
The peeps want EDM!
DJ Dominick Morrison took over the controls later in the program.  The Dom confirmed that he's returning on New Years Eve to DJ at EPCOT: China. If you're not familiar with the amazing NYE dance parties at EPCOT, tune-in to our article this Thursday here on the Blog!
Laser explosions!
Big group doing the Melbourne Shuffle!
And a good time was had by all!