Friday, July 7, 2017

DS Update: When Did This Happen?

Splitsville in Disney Springs West Side.
The patio area downstairs is quite popular with its outdoor bar, frozen alcoholic concoctions and often an acoustic band. When SV opened, it also had an outdoor balcony upstairs as you can see above.
The balcony featured this outdoor bar like the one directly below it, offering picturesque views of the AMC Pleasure Island 24 Theater complex next door.  Problem was, Splitsville never did attract the expected bar crowd they anticipated so no one ever came out here.  This bar rarely opened.
So now the balcony has been glassed-in!  When did this happen?


Anonymous said...

Interesting! What is the newly enclosed space used for now? Has it been re-designed or decorated?

Anonymous said...

yeah what happen to the night of thousand eyes? who would have seen Other events.

kind of funny no one saw this a thing that was in the wide open view unlike some other that was hidden.

Anonymous said...

lol.....the thousand eyes are on pleasure island, not out in the westside!

Troy said...

This has been happening over the past month or so. Other sites have documented the changes.

So, yes, people did see it happening.

George Monterde (via Facebook) said...