Saturday, July 8, 2017

Club Reports: Eve Nightclub, Bar B, Peek Downtown

 It's been awhile since we've dropped in on Eve Nightclub.

Friday night resident DJ Daggett was in the booth playing Hip Hop.
Following a late night thunderstorm, the bars inside were just beginning to see some traffic.
The dance floor did not.  Eve probably has the most upscale look of any club downtown.
Bar B is not even a year old yet and is still trying to find a niche in the downtown scene. With a great location between Tier Nightclub on one side and Wall Street Plaza on the other, it's got such great potential.
The Friday night resident DJ is none other than the famed Jimmy Joslin!
Once again the bar had patrons while the dance floor did not.  I have seen some big crowds in here during prior visits but the key is getting people to return.
The music was a great mix of EDM and Classic Dance!
Overdue for a visit to Peek Downtown, Orlando's home of Breaks!
Arrived around midnight to find DJ Seth Vogt in the booth.
Nice crowd in the club and on the dance floor!
Hard driving Breaks had the patrons bouncing!
The next edition of Seth Vogt's "House Flyz" series takes place on Saturday, July 22nd at Sandwich Bar.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jason & Nikki
Spotted sitting out a dance: Trish
Spotted in VIP: Manda
Spotted by the booth: DJ's Rich D & Matrix
Spotted on the dance floor: Heidi & MC Marybeth
Spotted at the bar: Sammy's girls!
DJ Matrix took over close to 1AM!
And as a stream of people kept filing in through the door, the dance floor got packed!
Breakbeats all night long!
DJ Mafia Kiss (GB) plays here at Peek Downtown on Friday, July 28th!
Meanwhile last night, a good time was had by all!

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