Sunday, July 2, 2017

Club Reports: Bikkuri Lounge, Gilt Nightclub

Bikkuri Lounge may say Noodles on the outside, but there's Trance inside!
Came in and found DJ Lil'B (USA) in the booth playing Uplifting Trance.
Taking turns with DJ Suzy Solar (USA)!
"Lost in Trancelation" usually takes place on the last Friday of the month but for whatever reason it was in session last night, the first Saturday of the month! But wait, there's more! They have DJ Roger Shah (D) aka Sunlounger doing an open-to-close set here on Saturday, July 15th and DJ Jordan Suckley (GB) here on Friday, July 28th! Wow!
Spotted on the dance floor: Jesaka aka DJ Cosmic Deva (IL)
Spotted by the entrance: Erik, Shelly & Sage
Spotted outside: Harley with DJ Robb Blak (USA)
Now over to Gilt Nightclub for this weekend's main event!
Just when you think you know ever DJ in town, someone throws a loop at you!
Didn't know this one either!  Isn't there a law requiring DJ names be posted?
Dance floor was starting to get crowded!
And finally at 12:50AM, the reason everyone was here: Darude (FIN).
Darude wasn't bashful about interacting with the crowd!
Sometimes with his microphone, sometimes with signs!
No one really knew what to expect!
But he kept playing vocal Trance songs that brought the crowd to new highs!
And he kept inserting samples from his biggest hit "Sandstorm" so although you knew he was gonna play it eventually, you just didn't know when!
A little Melbourne Shuffle goes well with Trance!
Spotted on the dance floor: Kris, Jen, Anthony & Adriana
Spotted front and center: Gavin & Denise
Spotted on the dance floor: Al, Karina & Tricia
Spotted by the booth: Jake & Amber
Spotted in VIP: Ashley & Mauricio
Spotted: Jen going 90 to nothing!
Loved the sign language!
Giving us an alternate version of "Sandstorm" along with the Finnish flag!
Coming out to take selfies with the crowd!
Near 2AM, his other massive hit of "Feel The Beat"!
And he would play one more song before ending it just shy of 2:30AM.
Packed club and no one left early!
Didn't know what to expect....but it far exceeded expectations!  A good time was had by all!

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