Friday, July 28, 2017

Breaking News: KingBob Denies Russian Collusion!

We interrupt our regular programming with this Breaking News story! With a firestorm brewing following KingBob's recent secret trip to Russia, the Special Prosecutor has expanded his investigation to include KingBob's activities there!
Investigators want to know what he was doing at this bank in downtown St. Petersburg!
KingBob tells the Blog that he was only there to use this currency exchange ATM to convert some Dollars into Rubles!
He says, "I was looking for this subway....."
".....but the directions they gave me took me to this Subway!"  "So I ate there."
"And had dessert here. That's all."
"Before the New York Times prints anything, I wanted to get this out to show full transparency," KingBob says. "There was no collusion!"
Supposedly a good time was had by all!

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