Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DS Update: Shop Till You Drop

While we previously questioned where Disney would find enough mouths to fill all the seats of the many new restaurants in Disney Springs, that turns out to have been a miscalculation. There's little doubt most of the restaurants in the Springs are doing quite well and not just during peak tourist seasons.  But such appears not the case with many of the retail shops.
The garages are full and there are thousands of guests walking around but if you look at their arms and strollers, you don't see a lot of shopping bags. Actually, you do see lots of Disney store bags (used by several Disney owned & operated stores), Lego Store bags & Coca-Cola store bags. Uniqlo seems to be doing well based on my visit this week with long lines at the registers. Yet after that, not many shopping bags. Interestingly, a sales clerk at Free People casually mentioned to me that their store is No.1 in their chain for foot traffic. But when I asked whether they were also No. 1 in their chain for sales, she laughed. No, lots of lookers but not a lot of buyers.
Passing by Erwin Pearl Jewelry this past Sunday and once again finding no shoppers. We previously predicted this would be the first to fail but Sound Lion beat them to it!


Steve said...

Just curious... Is it possible the customers in the shops are having their bags delivered directly to their WDW hotel rooms. I believe Disney offers that as a free service to the guests. Perhaps a few people are using this service so you might see fewer bags. Just a guess.

KingBob said...

Yes, purchases can be delivered to Disney Resort hotels. Not everyone visiting Disney Springs is staying in a Disney Resort hotel.