Sunday, June 4, 2017

DS Update: Food Truck Event

Something new out at Disney Springs took place these past two nights called the Springs Street Eats featuring an assortment of mostly non-Disney food trucks.
Before discovering it, I had noticed just one food truck at Exposition Park where food trucks typically congregate.  I thought that was rather odd.
That's because occupying the paved plaza beside Cirque and just north of House of Blues was Springs Street Eats.
It consisted of a large assortment of non-Disney food trucks parked in a circle along with a few buskers and a DJ!
I was there after 10PM so I don't know how popular the event was.
I think the idea is that on summer weekend nights when all the restaurants are going to be operating at capacity, this will offer additional dining options for those visiting Disney Springs.
At lower price points than the restaurants too!  Good idea.

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