Friday, June 30, 2017

Concert Report: DJ Duke Dumont (The Beacham)

Thursday night at The Beacham!
Opening set from DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) aka The Dom.
Alternating House / Deep House selections with DJ Ish (USA).
I arrived around 10:30PM and the club was already crowded!
Back in the day a circle would form around guys doing break dancing. Nowadays, a circle forms around guys doing the Melbourne Shuffle!
Of course we know Ish from his days at Rix Lounge, Bliss and more currently at House of Blues and STK. And of course we know Dom from his days at Mannequins and more currently at Aero, The Social and on New Years Eve at EPCOT: China.
Midnight finally arrived and it got real dark!
And then there he was: DJ Duke Dumont (GB)
The Beacham was packed!
And going real early with "I Got You".
And Valentino Khan's "Deep Down Low"!
Confetti explosion!
Duke Dumont last played Orlando in April, 2016, a show that also took place here at The Beacham.
Most of his House / Deep House set last night had vocals!
He did not interact with the crowd except to say thanks one time near the end.
But he was animated at times!
The lasers were flying!
Spotted: PSL Girls
Ending the show with his biggest hit "Ocean Drive".
A good time was had by all!

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