Sunday, June 18, 2017

Club Reports: Indepedent Bar, Peek Downtown, Vinyl Arts Bar, The Social, The Patio

After two straight Saturday nights abroad, it was great to be back in the United States of America! And you know by now if at all possible, I will begin my Saturday nights at I-Bar!
DJ Indie John in the booth on a Saturday night just like he has for the many years in the post-Pleasure Island era.
Providing that comfort music of early-to-mid-80's New Wave!
Good crowd in the club!
It felt great to be back!
Moving next to seemingly my other downtown home, Peek Downtown!
DJ 21 Paths was in the booth when I first arrived delivering the Breaks!
Quickly followed by DJ Rich D.
Just not a lot of people here last night.
Spotted on the dance floor: Gavin & Denise
Spotted by the bar: DJ's Renato Guirao & Scotty Fraser
Spotted by the booth: DJ's Tim Barnard, Mike Nice & Beni Hill
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda
Spotted in VIP: Anthony & Adriana
Spotted shaking her groove thing: Trish
Spotted doing likewise: Jasmin
DJ Mike Nice taking over!
Great music and it wasn't empty but wish more had come out!
Over to Vinyl Arts Bar where you'll always find great House music!
Arrived to find DJ's Brian Busto & Wilson Santos (both USA) tag-teaming in the booth!
Great music had the crowd bouncing!
DJ Kimball Collins (USA) will be playing here at VAB on Saturday, July 8th!
If you haven't been to Vinyl Arts Bar, you've got to give it a try!
The Social is primarily a live band venue but after the bands go home for the night, they open it up for DJ music and as a place to chill away from the crowded masses next door at The Patio or upstairs at Aero Bar.
Resident DJ Dan-e Crane playing EDM during my visit!
This is still a work in progress but has great potential!
Last stop at The Patio where there's always a party!
DJ Parry playing Top 40 & EDM during my visit!
And oh shit, the place was packed!
Fans of Orlando City soccer made up a lot of the crowd following their game earlier.
There really is always a party at The Patio and a good time was had by all


Anonymous said...

What became of that 8-traxish club you were covering in Kissimmee(?) or the 192 corridor at least?

KingBob said...

Sadly, Retro Room on US192 near US27 closed about two years ago.