Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Club Report: Berghain (Berlin)

Techno was invented in Detroit but it thrives in Berlin. And the world's "Taj Mahal" of Techno is this haunted looking former power plant in what once was East Berlin: Berghain
Long queues line up here on weekend nights but only about 20% will be blessed to get to pay the cover charge and enter as famed doorman Sven Marquardt banishes the unworthy 80%!  My plan was to visit on Sunday night but sadly I was too jet lagged to make the attempt.
So close yet so far!
Some of the art work outside on pillars.

Up on the top floor, Panorama Bar features House music.
One of the sides of Techno's hallowed ground. Berghain is currently ranked #12 in the world per DJMag readers!
The bottom of the building is also home to Lab.Oratory, a men's only Gay sex club.


Anonymous said...

Hey bob this is Mateo thanks you for the keychain you brung back from Berlin it is an awesome souvenir stay chill king bob

KingBob said...

You're welcome Mateo! Hopefully you can visit Berlin for yourself one day!