Saturday, June 3, 2017

Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall

First you have to get past Disney Security at the free parking entrance and then walk up to Disney's Boardwalk Resort hotel.
Then you follow the signs to the Boardwalk itself where you'll find restaurants, shops, carnival games and.........
Disney's only remaining owned and operated dance club, Atlantic Dance Hall.
Last night we found DJ Frankie in the booth playing Top 40, Line Dances and Hip Hop videos. Of course we know Frankie from his days on Pleasure Island leading the live band Frankie and the West End Boys!
Just not a lot of people at ADH last night.
The club is cavernous which makes it difficult to look crowded anytime but it does have its moments when large crowds of conventioneers flow in off the boardwalk!
Spotted on the dance floor: Alex
Spotted busting a move: Dawn
These Pleasure Islanders were part of the about 75 people in the place.
Frankie was quite animated last night, leading many of the dances!
Admission is free.  A good time was had by all.

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