Friday, June 30, 2017

Concert Report: DJ Duke Dumont (The Beacham)

Thursday night at The Beacham!
Opening set from DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) aka The Dom.
Alternating House / Deep House selections with DJ Ish (USA).
I arrived around 10:30PM and the club was already crowded!
Back in the day a circle would form around guys doing break dancing. Nowadays, a circle forms around guys doing the Melbourne Shuffle!
Of course we know Ish from his days at Rix Lounge, Bliss and more currently at House of Blues and STK. And of course we know Dom from his days at Mannequins and more currently at Aero, The Social and on New Years Eve at EPCOT: China.
Midnight finally arrived and it got real dark!
And then there he was: DJ Duke Dumont (GB)
The Beacham was packed!
And going real early with "I Got You".
And Valentino Khan's "Deep Down Low"!
Confetti explosion!
Duke Dumont last played Orlando in April, 2016, a show that also took place here at The Beacham.
Most of his House / Deep House set last night had vocals!
He did not interact with the crowd except to say thanks one time near the end.
But he was animated at times!
The lasers were flying!
Spotted: PSL Girls
Ending the show with his biggest hit "Ocean Drive".
A good time was had by all!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

CW Update: The Dancing Security Guard

Does anyone know what happened to the dancing security guard at CityWalk?  During the year after Pleasure Island closed my weekend nights were filled with many visits to Universal CityWalk. It was far different than the Island left behind but it did have some unique features and one of them was the dancing security guard.

He was typically located in that middle section between the two moving sidewalks where the escalator comes up from valet parking.  And he would be dancing to whatever music was being played over the speakers, typically Top 40 or Oldies.  I just happened to run across this video and it reminded me that it's probably been at least 5 years since I've seen him.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Party Weekend In Techno Town

Time to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st & Independence Day on July 4th!

Tomorrow night at The Beacham, DJ Duke Dumont (GB) returns to the venue which gave him a sold out show in April of 2016. Should be another huge crowd!  Deep House.
Haven't seen him since Miami in 2016 and I don't think he's played Orlando since 2015 so this too should draw a large crowd! DJ Worthy (USA) playing at The Social.  D&B / Breaks.

DJ Renzo Ruiz (USA) returns to the decks this Friday night at Sandwich Bar and the lineup includes the captivating DJ Foxforce005 (USA). House.
Most famous for his 1999/2000 megahit "Sandstorm", he surprised the crowd at the Aloft pool party this past April with his set. Darude (FIN) is back this Saturday night at Gilt Nightclub.  Progressive House / Trance.
A special edition of "Lost in Trancelation" this Saturday night at Bikkuri Lounge featuring DJ's Robb Blak, Agni & Suzy Solar (USA).  Trance.
Tampa DJ Brian Busto (USA) returns to Orlando this Saturday on a night the brings Texan DJ Dead Space (USA) to "Serious Soul" at Vinyl Arts Bar. Tech House.
If you're off on Tuesday then come out Monday night to "Torque" at Native Social Bar. This week's guest star is the veteran DJ AK1200 (USA). D&B.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PI Update: The Drab Hub

The intersection where the north-south sidewalk in front of Mannequins met the east-west sidewalk known as Hill Street was called "The Hub".  It was a busy intersection with the PI Live booth DJ's broadcasting from above while Rock fans streamed in and out of Rock'n'Roll Beach Club!
From the rear, we can see the catwalks that once housed the Pleasure Island Explosion Dancers and we're reminded that the PI Live Bar was located at The Hub as well.  Of course with the clubs being shuttered, all this would change.
Plan A for the Island was to lease out all the spaces to third parties and collect rent. When that idea fizzled in the upcoming recession, everything sat idle until Disney announced Plan B: Hyperion Wharf.  Under the Hyperion Wharf concept, The Hub remained the focal point of Pleasure Island. We see the outdoor amphitheater (which eventually did get built) but we also see the magic light columns which did not materialize.  The corner was anchored by Zach Devine, presumably a fake placeholder name for a bar/club with upstairs dancing.  A lighted Mickey LED board dominated the intersection. No doubt PI at night would be something to behold.
Of course Hyperion Wharf was axed following an alleged backlash from Boardwalk venues which said HW duplicated what they were already offering.  Instead we eventually got Plan C now known as Disney Springs. The outdoor amphitheater was scaled back and The Hub itself was demoted to a colorful compass point.
But instead of a colorful compass point anchored by Zach Divine, we got a drab compass point anchored by Erwin Pearl Jewelry.

Monday, June 26, 2017

PI Update: PI Drinks Returning To Disney Springs

Blog reader Troy alerted us last week that beginning this coming Thursday, June 29th, you'll be able to purchase some of your favorite Pleasure Island drinks while visiting Disney Springs! They'll be for sale at Dockside Margaritas in Disney Springs Marketplace as part of their #Throwback Thursday promotion. 
They'll be priced at $9 on Thursdays with regular pricing on other days. Examples coming include the Hoopla & Kungaloosh from Adventurers Club, the Bell Bottom from 8TRAX, Tech-No from Mannequins and Shark Bite from Rock ‘n' Roll Beach Club!  Relive the flavors of Pleasure Island at Disney Springs!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall

Atlantic Dance Hall on a Saturday night; supposed to have been a Pleasure Island fans reunion but it wasn't promoted and even the person whose idea it was didn't show up.
But we had to make the best of it and DJ John Campisano who we know from the downtown scene did a great job in leading that effort!
On this dark and stormy night, decent numbers in the club.
But in this huge venue, even 100 people can't make it look crowded.
Spotted from Pleasure Island: Beth & Mark (Mannequins)
Spotted: Janete (8TRAX)
Spotted: Anna (Mannequins)
Spotted: Dawn (8TRAX & Motion)
Spotted: Alex (Motion)
John had a much different set of videos than we typically see here at ADH so it was a nice change of pace.  He even delivered us a few Classic Dance tunes!
But then there was also the obligatory "Wobble", lol.

 The best Pleasure Island Reunion we ever had was here at Atlantic Dance Hall back in 2010 when the turnout was much greater and a lot of PI cast members attended. Link.
And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Club Reports: Peek Downtown, Monkey Bar, Aero Bar

Every couple of months I have to work on Saturdays. It doesn't keep me from club hopping on the Friday night prior but it does cause me to go into efficiency mode. Thus no time for cheese, let's go straight to the good stuff! Peek Downtown!
DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) in the booth!
Only a small crowd in the club though.
Spotted: DJ Cosmic Deva (IL)
House music all night long!
VIP was crowded but couldn't get them on the dance floor!
A hidden gem among the unwashed masses populating Wall Street Plaza, Monkey Bar is an oasis for the enlightened people.
DJ Dity (USA) on the decks!
Big crowd in the small club!
Always a great vibe!
House music all night long!
Spotted on the dance floor: Storm, Amanda & Jessica
An outdoor balcony is another great option at Monkey Bar!
Now onto Aero Bar located on a rooftop along Orange Avenue.
DJ duo Robin & Cliff T were taking turns in the booth last night.
It was initially on the slow side.
But within a half hour it suddenly got quite crowded!
And it typically does on weekend nights!
House music all night long!
Dancing with the stars!
Lasers were flying!
And a good time was had by all!