Monday, May 8, 2017

PI Update: Sunday Stroll On The Island

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Orlando so let's take a stroll together to beautiful Pleasure Island.
Crossing the No. 4 Bridge you'll notice spring water to the south.
And Village Lake water to the north!
First stop on the Island, STK.
DJ Ish was on the boards playing Deep House for the Sunday brunch crowd.
Across West End Plaza from STK at The Edison Orlando, two theater marquee style awnings would be an indication that there will be at least two entrances here on the Island's upper level.
Four braces coming out of the building above the awning are an indication that there will also be a narrow vertical theater-style installed here, ala Mannequins. This is the section with the performance arena behind it.  At The Edison Los Angeles it's called the Industrial Cathedral.
They continue to make progress on this massive project.
And with plastic over all the openings, they can do detail work inside now.
Wondering what's going into the vacated Sound Lion spot?  Don't get too excited, it's just the Savannah Bee Company.  They previously operated from a kiosk at Riverboat Square.
Lastly, Wine Bar George is slated to open later this year....but I'm skeptical.
This is May after all. Stay tuned! (Editor's Note: This SkyCam photo is two weeks old and there may be progress not shown here.)


Anonymous said...

I hope they decide to extend the springs all the way to the lake, that lake water looks nasty!

KingBob said...

Don't think the springs will be extended. The only purpose they serve is their role as the backdrop of the old Florida town of Disney Springs.

I don't believe the lake is any worse than any other urban lake. It's full of fish and plants and waterfowl. I've seen river otters near the No. 5 Bridge.

Anonymous said...

I think the bigger problem is that by having the springs abruptly end where they do makes them look incredibly fake. I'm pretty sure they were going for realism with this project and when you can look to your left and see dirty brown lake water it immediately ruins the illusion.

Troy said...

I think they'll eventually get around to replacing Bridge 5. It's an old PI bridge - one of the only true remnants of PI that remains, even if it did get built later in it's history.

They'll install a new bridge and fix the water issues between 4 and 5. Nothing they can do about Village Lake, of course.