Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PI Update: Idle Island

Midnight in Disney Springs this past Sunday night and needing to get back to the Lime Garage. So let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island.
Here at West End Plaza, I thought a DJ might still be playing at STK but it was already locked tight.
Heading down Hill Street with a few stragglers walking about but all the retail already closed.
At the Hub, a few more.  During the Island's hey day, midnight was the time for the nightly new years eve fireworks show and a live band on the West End Stage.  All these areas would be packed!
Turning the corner I found some activity at Raglan Road!
The vocalist was singing that classic Irish tune, "No Scrubs".
A few more patrons milling about outside Mannequins. Sadly, the Island after 11PM is an idle island as the Mouse misses out on 3 prime hours of revenue generation.


Troy said...

Sadly, without the night clubs, even keeping the restaurants open or singers out later probably wouldn't attract much of an audience. The few times I've been out there late, the performers have had sparse crowds, and the restaurants are nearly empty by 9 or 10. The restaurants and stores would be better off burning money.

It's hard to argue with Disney Springs' success during the day, much to my chagrin, that getting rid of the clubs was probably a solid move for the bottom line (after, you know, losing all that money for years following the closure of the clubs).

I'm hopeful the Edison can bring a bit of *late* nightlife back to the area, but even then I doubt it will do much for the rest of the springs.

KingBob said...

There were quite a few patrons around Disney Springs when I arrived around 9pm to go to HOB. When I left at midnight, it was pretty barren as shown. No one seems to know what The Edison is going to be.