Thursday, May 18, 2017

DT Update: Ace Cafe Opens Tomorrow!

After two years of construction and significant renovations, Ace Cafe Orlando finally opens tomorrow morning at 7AM at the corner of Livingston Street and Garland Avenue, at I-4. It's also directly across Livingston Street from Lynx Central Station (Sunrail).
The large venue is located in the former home of downtown clubs The Edge, :08 (Eight Seconds) and most recently, the H2O Church. Of course it bears no resemblance to any of those places!
ABOVE PHOTO CREDIT: Reg McKenna for Wikipedia  Owned by Ace Cafe London, that decades-old iconic venue in England is the inspiration for the Orlando location which will feature motor-centric dining and entertainment!
The large patio on the side. Events will take place nearly every night at Ace Cafe Orlando and this weekend the nights will be filled with Rockabilly singer Rockin' Jason D. Williams along with DJ White Lightning and DJ Pandora.
My inside tour yesterday evening showed there was plenty of work still to be done. However, arriving beer trucks assured that a good time would be had by all!

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