Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DS Update: Entertainment At The Springs

In yesterday's article we showed where you could still find DJ's at Disney Springs. Today we talk about the other musical entertainment you can find there.  So let's cross this bridge one more time!
Beginning our journey on the West Side, you can find music at Exposition Park adjacent the food trucks. During this visit Nova Era was playing Classical.
Doing rhyming comedy to a Hip Hop beat, duo Free Daps used to perform at Exposition Park but their following has grown too large that they've been relocated to the area between the Coca-Cola Store and the Orange Garage. Other free musical entertainment at the West Side includes outside of House of Blues, outside of Splitsville and sometimes at the foot of the No. 5 Bridge.
Crossing over to the Island, there is free music at the Waterview Stage next to The Boathouse.
At the Marketplace, we spotted Nicholas Marks and his gypsy guitar performing on the Waterside Stage.  In the post-club era when Downtown Disney brought back music to liven up a very dead Pleasure Island, Nicholas Marks was one of the originals!
In the Town Center, you might spot The Strolling Piano.  She'll sing a song in one spot and then drive the piano to a new location.  It's stuff like this that makes you think, "Who needs clubs, right?"

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