Sunday, May 14, 2017

Club Reports: Players Club, Casa Rosso, Panama (Amsterdam)

Saturday night in Amsterdam and doing a little pre-gaming at Players Club.
DJ Rowe (NL) was in the tiny booth crammed into one corner of the venue.
More of a bar than a dance club, it was nonetheless crowded and lively!
People were dancing all over the place!
The music was Top 40 and EDM.
Hated to leave but more places to go!
One of the things that jumps to mind when you think of Amsterdam is the Red Light District. Yes, it's a real thing. Made up of numerous narrow streets such as this one, a red light above the door means the girl behind the door is open for business!  I only did some window shopping but no purchases!
Theater Casa Rosso is the area's most-famous venue for live sex shows. Yes, this is a real thing here too!
Plenty of women lined-up too to see the live show at one of the other venues.
But no time for that this trip as it was time to head to Club Panama!
Located in a century old former power plant, the club is a short taxi ride from Amsterdam Centraal Station.
With a strict no-flash rule, all pics will be without but of rather low quality since I don't have a high speed camera. DJ J. Tijn (GB) in the booth when I arrived for Techno.
This past year the club moved into DJ Mag's Top 100 for the first time ever at #78.
DJ Vlaysin (NL) taking over at 2AM.
The music was a very Hard Techno rather than anything mainstream. DJ's such as Ferry Corsten (NL) and Mark Knight (GB) have played here.
And by 3AM it had gotten really crowded!
As DJ Manni Dee (GB) took over and continued the vibe.
I called it quits at 4AM but a good time was had by all!

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