Saturday, May 6, 2017

Club Reports: Cinco Block Parties, The Crow, Vain Nightclub, Peek Downtown

What a night last night in Orlando as the typical craziness that is Cinco de Mayo met up with a weekend night instead of falling mid-week!
My evening began early on New England Avenue in downtown Winter Park which was blocked-off from traffic and had a DJ playing. A mechanical bull ride was being offered!
In downtown Orlando, three streets were blocked off for street parties including Church Street which had a live band.
Big crowd in here dancing to Rock music.
Pine Street was also blocked between Court Street and Orange Avenue with food truck and a DJ.
Nice crowd in here too!
The biggest party of course is always on Wall Street!
Long, long lines to get in but lots of bar and club options once you there!
And a mechanical bull!
Haven't been to The Crow since they first opened and hardly anyone went there.
DJ RickyRico was in the booth playing old and new Hip Hop hits.
The dance floor was jammed!
Actually, the entire club was jammed!
Kind of a fun place and it definitely has a following now.
Vain Nightclub is now out of business. Sources say they were foreclosed upon earlier this week. I quit going here a few years ago because the place went completely Hip Hop and you know that's always a kiss of death.  Some of the DJ's I saw play in here before that included Paul Oakenfold (GB), Sultan & Ned Shepard (CDN), DJ Icey (USA), Morten Breum (DK), Starkillers (USA) and more!  Maybe we can get some better owners in here next time.
Always got to go to Peek Downtown!
DJ Beni Hill (USA) on the decks!
The bar was busy.
At this point, the dance floor wasn't.
At 1AM, The Freestylers (GB) took over!
Dance floor activity picked-up a bit.
Spotted on the mezzanine: DJ Rich D
Spotted by the booth: DJ CD Mack
Spotted by the door: Nikki, Jason & Cindy
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Adambomb, DJ Funkbaby & Allyson
Wow! Spotted by the booth, Beni Hill's sister Glenda. No family resemblance!
Spotted in VIP: Tanyia
Delivering the Breaks!
Freestylers plays tonight in South Beach at Kill Your Idol for "Breaks Yo"!
Just a moderate-sized crowd on hand last night but they were energetic!
And a good time was had by all!

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